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Walks across Germany 2006. Road sketches. Let`s look through together? Year passed

in trains. From Chemnitz to Dresden and back.

Rise at five in the morning, a drink of the burning coffee and run to the station, the benefit it near the house. I move practically on autopilot . Something there still sleeps... in me. Well it is fine, the main thing not to be late for the train! Let`s sleep in the warm cozy car.

Fellow travelers, for a year of joint trips, became almost native. We smile, greet, we take favourite places. The controller already also does not awake us delicate Your ticket, please. Thanks! . Disturbs only stray, casual passengers.

Behind a window habitual landscapes in a seasonal coloring. Everything that shone and melted from the sun in the summer, now dimly gleams wet and gray.

In the evening behind a window Christmas pyramids in windows of houses will begin to shine sparks. The train goes quickly, darkens early, behind windows the river of festive fires flows: small arches - rainbows windows of houses, angular pyramids of a fir-tree at doors shine. As there is a wish though a little snow! At least part of that, last year`s! But already December, and behind a window plus ten! In my road notebook drawings and small sketches. Let`s look through together? There is a lot of amusing.

Here, for example:

On May 5, Dresden - Chemnitz. Near me the young man sits. It opened the nootbuk and thumbs through pages on the Internet. Opposite to sedenkiya the old man with an accurate small beard and in an undershirt with the inscription Dynamo . There is such, very popular soccer team in Dresden. The old man, probably, the fan or took an undershirt from the grandson to drive ? Five minutes ago the old man read, but fell asleep suddenly, and the book falls on a floor. Almost along with my neighbor on the right, I bend behind it. On a cover the inscription Sex after seventy . My young fellow traveler yours faithfully looks on sleeping Dynamo member and, having smiled to me, comments,

- Sex after seventy - it is not simple! Let will have a rest!

- Let, - I agree, laughing.

my fellow traveler too hardly restrains not to burst out laughing, but we nevertheless manage to keep silence and not to disturb the fighting old man .

And one more:

September 2. Chemnitz. The man passes in blue working overalls on the car in search of an empty seat. It bears a roll with a hot dog and mustard. Passing by the sleeping negrityanochka, unintentionally pushes that around. The girl wakes up and begins to shower the man with curses.

It is necessary to tell, the girl herself is guilty, extended legs in pass, there exposed bags and packages, and the man was obviously tired, and the smell of a hot dog distracted its attention. Germans the people reserved and slow, usually happen enough exchange of apologies, in especially hard cases it is possible to uslykhat hissing following. But here! Trials poured out for the simple hard worker in an unknown exotic show.

Small chocolate put just as the goddess, with a mane of wavy hair, in white jeans and a short jacket, being bent and jumping up, swinging hands, gleaming teeth and calling bracelets, with pleasure began to shout at the top of the voice at the become stupid little man,

- Frigging elephant! you crushed me feet! that you are quiet idiot? (A damned elephant, you crushed to me legs! What are you silent, the idiot?)

Elephant just grew dumb, the train went for a long time, mustard drips on blue overalls, the Chocolate shouts, people in the car laugh loudly already just in a voice.

At last, having understood that to it to achieve nothing from this idol, the girl snatches out sausage from hands of the offender and with rage thrusts into his mouth, razinuty from surprise.

Laughter stops at once, there comes the oppressive silence. The silence condemning hostile.

Everyone can be mistaken, everyone can express somehow the emotions, but humiliate?

The girl, seemingly, understands that she obviously went too far. It, having quietly collected the bags, leaves the car. The clumsy passenger takes seat on her place. In the car it becomes silent, only two old women continue to discuss an event.

I here our hero suddenly begins to laugh loudly. He laughs loudly and infectiously, wiping tears on a face and begin to flow mustard on a uniform jacket. On faces of passengers smiles appear again.

At one of the following stations the smiling Chocolate leaves, finds the necessary window of the car and is proshchalno conciliatory waves a hand to the unlucky fellow traveler. He, unfortunately, does not see it, the poor creature sleeps.

Yes, are tired people...

The following two sketches a little sad and, undoubtedly, can be united by one subject - Daughters are Mothers . Perhaps from these sketches the story will sometime be born?

June 10, 2006. Dresden.

On the platform the young woman with the girl. Mother in an easy dress from flax, a high heel - the platform, long hair are tied in a high tail, the wooden costume jewelry, a small asterisk shines an ear ring - a tack in a nose, same over an upper lip. Thin nose, high eyebrows, soft full lips. I do not see eyes, despite early morning, the lady in dark glasses. But, something prompts to me, as she managed to make a make-up today. Quite rare show for Germany - the woman early in the morning, at the station at full parade ?!

However, the lady not only is fresh and beautiful, but is still excited and strained. The left hand she nervously fingers a handbag thong, attentively inspecting passing by people, right holds the little girl to whom, however, does not pay attention at all by a hand. To the little girl of years five. She too, seemingly, was dressed up today. A pink suit, on trousers finishing from white laces and a band, a white hat from straws, a ridiculous backpack - a bear behind the back.

The baby awfully bothered to stand near mother who stiffened waiting. It already turned round and round around her legs, eating up ice cream, hung for a while on a hand, trying to be released, sang a song about Shnip - shnap - shnap constructed eyes to the boys sitting on a shop - school students and, at last, sat down on hunkers directly at mother`s legs and is closer to a small red doggie which was given on the platform by the important fat lady in short pink trousers - bridges, in a transparent mesh blouse and to a big traveling bag in hands.

The little girl and the big solid lady - both in pink. I watch them, rolling with laughter. The doggie joyfully licks a mordakha of the little girl on which for certain there were ice cream traces. Mother, at last, interferes, the daughter draws aside. It seems that she did not calculate a little and the baby plops down on a floor, to pleasure of a doggie who right there joyfully rushes to the child. Noise, squeal, the fat woman is enough for hands a dog and leaves far away.

The woman lifts the daughter, silently shakes off a pink suit and, again having strong taken her by hand, becomes straight, zastyv in a pose of intense expectation.

the Girl suddenly calms down and too waiting looks at mother. She tells something to her, asks. Mother answers in monosyllables, asks to suffer a little more. Answers shortly, at all without ironing on the daughter, and again attentively examines the platform.

I feel sorry for the baby, I remember the daughter when five years were that. Really I was also inattentive to it too, is also shipped in the problems and experiences? Did not see, did not notice? Eh, to return back at least one of those days of her childhood! To worry once again. My girl grew up and lives with the husband, I get her heat and love only on the rare weekend when all family gathers at our place.

Having been lost in contemplation of the baby, I passed something. At this time just the train approached, rare passengers, coming to the platform, direct to the escalator. Something happens to the woman: she all suddenly moves forward, towards to the hurrying passengers, removes dark glasses, and, having pressed them to a breast, literally fixes the eyes on the man and the woman who the last go out of the train. The man notices this look, chilly and shortly nods, deliberately quickly picks up under a hand the companion - something ameboid in a gray trouser suit and with a cane - an umbrella in hands, and hasty disappears in crowd of the people hurrying to the escalator.

It is my train. I cannot watch beautiful mother and the lovely baby in a pink festive suit any more. Only from a window of the car I see as it is awkward as if having broken, the woman falls by a shop as wipes tears as the little girl whose hand was given, at last, freedom, crumbles a roll, flown up to it from where - that to a pigeon .

July 5. Neustadt.

My God! What heat! And, as ill luck would have it, the car is full! Students sit directly on a floor, rustle with bags of sandwiches, transfer each other beer, laugh loudly, shout, and again laugh loudly. Smells of beer, then, cigarettes, god smells knows than. It is good though it is absolutely short, good to go to me that in trains and buses conditioners work. If only the train started quicker. Opposite to me two ladies took seat. One, seemingly, my coeval, years forty - forty five, the second - the little old woman of years of eighty. Mother and daughter?

I remembered the June picture at the station at once. Elegant mother and the daughter on the platform, the scared man who is running away from them under a hand with the fatty in a gray suit.

This time already the daughter reminds me a sculpture, and the little old woman - mother the unruly baby. The boys who accommodated directly at my legs - students make a din and throw each other the empty jars crumpled beer, push sitting and right there lovely apologize.

I hear nothing, I can only observe mute dialogue of mother and daughter, sitting opposite to me. The old woman continually glances in a window, fussy rubs handles, embraces the daughter and something asks, looking her into face. The daughter, having severely shifted eyebrows, looks in one point, directly before himself and stubborn is silent. At last the old woman, without having waited for the answer from the daughter, asks about something the young man who is sitting next.

Reaction of the daughter strikes not only me, but also everything, sitting in the car. Having sharply risen, she cries out approximately the following,

- My God! Yes you will shut up, at last, or not? Or you were going to get all today, and not just me?! Having splashed out

, the woman literally falls on the place and, having turned away from mother, pants, nervously fanning with a handkerchief. In the car the silence sets in.

The old woman quietly sits, smoothing trouser folds on a lap, students osuzhdayushche glance at the angered lady. It lasts some one or two minutes, but old mother, having felt this wave of condemnation around, puts the small dry palm on a knee of the daughter and speaks,

- Forgive me, expensive, I will not be any more. Really, I so seldom leave the house that just I lose the head, I am more...

- Ah, mother! - interrupts her daughter, already not so much with irritation how many scaredly and interrogatively looks at me.

My station, I leave just where almost a month ago observed that, the first picture life of daughters - mothers. There passed month, or perhaps the whole life? As these views - appeals of the little girl and old woman are similar. Fall in love with me, warm, answer! I nearby . As is frequent we, aspiring to illusive, minute, we lose native, close. As it is frequent...

Ended year, I will make the last record in my notebook soon. It would be desirable something cheerful, vital. And can simply, happy New Year?