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What soup the most tasty? What mother`s recipes of

soup for you the most tasty? Of course, mother`s, grandmother`s. Taste of the far childhood, taste of tenderness and care. Long ago they are not near us, and reminiscence as if warm mother`s hands, carefully shroud our souls

any more never to repeat that mother`s simple recipe. Not because there are no those products, those components and taste of water another long ago. Just each of us will look for the taste, taste of the left childhood, taste of carelessness and unvalued then immense happiness.

Mother`s soup. It and was called. Mamin. All in a family loved pea soup which was cooked by mother from beef ribs. Peas were whole, mother filled in it with boiled water for the night and only to the middle of the next day began to cook the most tasty soup.

She carefully washed a ribbon of beef edges with meat on them. Then cut on pieces and filled in with flowing water. Broth boiled, so ridiculously gurgled. I liked to look how vials of water cheerfully jumped up, right there burst, the following kept up. I listened to a song of broth and then it seemed to me that he to me sings about something secret, only to us with it known

A mother already cut a hard bulb - here I ran away from kitchen at once, was not on friendly terms with onions absolutely, red eyes and slyozk, slyozk - teardrops

Bay leaf, small cut onions and the suns of carrot. Broth began to sing absolutely other song. Bultykh - both all inflated and pounded peas already in a pan. Any more not broth, but the new status - its Majesty Sup begins to be born directly on my eyes.

Added some salt. Tried. Ooh, vkusnotishcha! To steam of garlic gloves for taste. And one - two potatoes. Melenko is cut by mummy that was enough for all. As soon as all vegetables of a song are sung - notable supets is ready!

Mother washes fennel whisks, swept cuts their to everyone in a plate. Puts a smetanka. It if it is. And it is frequent and without it it was tasty and nourishing. All family gathers behind a table d`hote and the meal begins. Almost ritual. To try the well-known mother`s pea soup! What can be better?

From the Belarusian woods mother brought the recipe of mushroom soup .

the father served Several years in Belarus. The part stood in the dense wood. Mother, absolutely still the girl, only - only got married, mushroomed in that wood. From there also the habit to prepare many a yum-yum with mushroom additives went.

Mother`s mushroom soup is a work of art. Mother fried any fresh or dry mushrooms. It is clear, and wrung out that dried it at first soaked before frying. Separately fried swept cut onions. Boiled several cut potatoes in a small amount of water. For this wonderful soup water is not necessary. In it a basis - milk.

To a kartoshechka she put swept polished carrot and cooked them together. Salted. As salted all separately - onions, mushrooms. When all these separately fried components were ready - action began. Mother put them in one beautiful pan, added milk liter, it is a little cream and brought all this to boiling. Right at the end threw a bunch small cut parsley and fennel and switched off.

Present a picture - milk mushroom soup. No, it cannot be presented, it needs to be tried by all means. Ideal option - with fresh cepes. Spirit of the wood, spirit of the earth, spirit of the house. Mother`s soup.

It will always be the most tasty, the most desired, dearest. Live, my dear, long - long! Live and hi!

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