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Whether need to study and develop girls and girls intelligence?

About what the doctrine light, and a neuchenye darkness, many know since the childhood. Know many and that knowledge is force. Someone even remembers the Lenin phrase to STUDY, to LEARN and to study once again. Though many approach a question of training from a position of the understanding of sincere poverty and negligibility of knowledge of this world.

It is obvious that many read out from these positions also today that to girls, to girls and women to study, it is not necessary to acquire knowledge and to develop intelligence, shopping mall. knowledge and intelligence only harm them...

Most likely, such opinion not only from good intentions and a superior intelligence, but also from the evil. Why? And here esteem about interesting research which confirm need of intellectual development of girls and girls. Especially as already thousands of years of the practician confirm that female wisdom helped to survive the person in the world it.


Inheritance out of genes lifts a banner of the rejected theory

of the Little girl, want that your future children were cleverer? Develop own intelligence. And it is not absurdity. Unexpected results of a series of biological experiments forced the American scientists to cross . In these experiences the ghost the buried official science of the evolutionary theory created 200 years ago loomed long ago.

Larry Feyg (Larry Feig) and his colleague from school of medicine of Tufts University, and also from the medical center of university Russia (Rush University Medical Center) put experiment on mice. It showed that a certain impact of the environment on an organism at teenage age can not only change some characteristics of an individual, but be transferred to the next generation.

If this conclusion can be extended to the person (that is still unknown), it turns out that the strengthened work of the girl on itself (for example memory training) can positively affect congenital intelligence of her future children (at the same time the Wednesday influencing the father and changes with it - in any way do not work).

Feyg created genetically changed mice at whom memory work was broken, namely - a long-term potentsiation of neurons (LTP) which all subtleties scientists still open.

To level this defect the strengthened development of a brain, scientists placed these mice in rich Wednesday - active social interaction, toys, physical trainings, generally, a way of life at which the organism begins to fight against shortage of LTP, involving a certain compensating mechanisms.

This improvement of mental abilities (memory) which was easy to be checked different tests in itself exotic was not. Another surprised researchers: the posterity of these mice possessed good memory too. And it in spite of the fact that, in - the first, it remained the carrier of a defective gene, and in - the second, contained in the usual environment, without any trainings.

We will notice, mice of the first generation were exposed to favorable influence of a situation within only two weeks at teenage age. Then they were returned on standard Wednesday in which they grew later to give posterity.

Thus, transfer of improvements in a brain to the next generation could not be explained with some favorable hormonal shifts in an organism of parents (if impact of games and trainings continued also at reproductive age, or that more abruptly - during pregnancy).

It turns out that those corrections of memory which mice executed in the childhood were fixed and were are rewritten in posterity.

From the point of view of modern biology - nonsense. The animal does not interfere with the code, and for variability there are other mechanisms (random errors when copying DNA in cages, effect of chemicals - mutagens, viruses and natural radiation eventually). The variability which this is not directed just life allows to be fixed by that to changes which to the best ............

...... If the first conclusions of researchers are confirmed, we are waited by serious revision or, in any case, correction as theories of evolution of types, and advice to parents . As far as there can be serious consequences if to present that positive and negative experiences which are put over themselves by young people, are capable to be transferred them to children genetically?

A number of experts called these results provocative. But it is more interesting to those. Whether it will turn out so what on a new round of development of the geneticist will revive some thrown ideas of bicentennial prescription?

The full text see medicusamicus. com/index. php? action=3x1602x2


ps on the basis of such researches the assumption that actions of some traditsional not to allow women to study, to knowledge and, in general, to intellectual development, proceeds from the evil, it is impossible to assume as a basis. And just because already thousands of years the attendants of a Satan who took a form of attendants of the truth under the guise of intellectual development of women introduce in them such knowledge which not just kills in girls and girls feminity rudiments, not only provoke them to refuse performance of the main female destination, but intellectual inclinations and at avoided contraception and aborting kill, i.e. mental abilities of the given rise posterity kill.

Modern examples of an intellectual obolvanivaniye of girls, girls, women, eternal problems of education and education of children I will not begin to bring, and I will just remind of the one who began to acquaint Eve with knowledge and what it led to. And still I will remind of traditions of the Russian orthodox domestic tyranny.

All of health.