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What to prepare for lunch during a season of heat and sun? Yes are well to the veseena - summer soups! There is a wish for

With approach of a season of the sun and heat more and more ease, freshness and brightness it is absolute in everything, beginning, perhaps, from clothes and finishing with dishes on our vesenn - a summer table. The organism which was tired during the winter needs vitamins, and to us - additional energy, gloss in eyes and a graceful figure.

No fractional food, according to nutritionists, relieves the person of need of hot food in which it is identical both in the winter, and in the summer our stomach so needs. Experts agree in opinion that soups are very useful to normal digestion. They consist of greens and vegetables, so - are easily acquired and are low-calorie. Introduction of soups to a daily diet will help to avoid obesity, to support itself in shape and to raise a vitality.

Spring and summer - the most successful time to indulge itself with useful dishes, and at the same time and to feel treasured ease in a body. Tasty and easy recipes from vegetables and greens will allow not only to save time, but also will help to create solar mood Green soup Is required to


: potatoes - 2 pieces, couple of inflorescences broccoli, spinach, a sorrel, 50 g of the frozen siliculose haricot, 1 - 2 chicken or 3 - 4 quail eggs, 1 tablespoon of sour cream. we Prepare


1. To boil water. To lay out vegetables and potatoes cut in cubes in a pan. To cook to readiness.

2. To add the crushed greens.

3. To separately cook eggs, to peel them and to cut on halves or quarters.

4. Soup is ready. We spill on plates. From above we put eggs and we add sour cream to taste.

Soup spring

Is required to

: chicken broth, 250 g of potatoes, spinach, onions - shallot, leaves of a nettle, 40 g of butter, salt, pepper, sour cream. we Prepare


1. To drench leaves of a nettle with boiled water.

2. Onions - shallot to cut with cubes, to fry on butter. To add a half of leaves of a nettle, to extinguish 5 - 7 minutes. To fill in with broth and to bring to boiling.

3. To cut potatoes in cubes, to lower in broth, to cook 15 - 20 minutes. To lay out the remained leaves of a nettle.

4. To add sour cream to taste.

Cold borsch

Is required to

: 1 beets of the average size, 1 carrots, several plumelets of green onions, 1 cucumber, 2 tablespoons of sour cream, 1 h a sugar spoon, 1 h a vinegar spoon half diluted with water, greens, salt. we Prepare


1. To boil beet, broth to filter and cool.

2. To separately boil carrots.

3. To cut the cooked vegetables and a fresh cucumber straws. To add the crushed green onions, the hard-boiled eggs cut on halves. To fill in with the cooled beet broth mixed with vinegar.

4. To fill with sour cream and to taste to add greens (fennel, parsley, cilantro).

Holodnik spring

Is required to

: sorrel, 1 fresh cucumber, 1 egg, 0,5 glasses of sour cream, 2 h spoon of sugar, salt, pepper, fennel and green onions. we Prepare


1. To boil a sorrel in the added some salt water and to cool.

2. Green onions and a cucumber small to cut, add chopped white and the pounded yolk.

3. To fill soup with sugar, salt, pepper.

4. Before giving to taste to add sour cream and to strew with the crushed fennel greens.

If you noticed, all offered recipes do not demand from hostesses of special culinary talent. They cook quickly and simply. Ways of preparation are similar, ingredients repeat, their replacement to your taste is allowed. Having shown desire and the imagination, it is possible to think up also the options to the veseena - summer soups. We go to a bed or to the nearest market, we choose the seasonal preferences and on kitchen!

Bon appetit, good health, inexhaustible energy and, of course, the freshest emotions and solar mood!