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How to get the novel at a stare of decent society? Dances in style of the bourgeois

we Get into a time machine and - forward, back during era of a century of the bourgeoisie...

The boredom is terrible: the black frock coats, black gloves, cylinders, dresses buttoned to the neck. Observe the external proprieties - so tells the law, society is ruthless to violators. Therefore to the young man and the girl it is not necessary to remain one in the room even if they the groom and the bride. The decent woman has nothing to do in the evening on the street of one, she can communicate with men, but in the presence of strangers. And if so it happened that the lady goes in the afternoon down the street one, then she should not turn the heads neither back, nor aside. It is better to go in general with looked down and not too quickly, but also not too slowly.

Here that rules of etiquette of the 19th century say: It is necessary to notice especially that the woman least of all can be shown in public, pleasure places what there was her situation, that is married she, the widow or the old maid, but if to her did not knock 60 years yet, she does not dare to be shown one neither in cafe, nor at restaurant, nor in theater, nor on jumps, nor in a casino, the elderly woman by all means has to accompany her. It is also indecent to two young women to be in similar places. The married woman or the widow can go one to church, on shops and do visits

Here such severity, business warm - only after marriage, and after marriage, as we know, not to them. The matrimony seldom brought in those days happiness, a thicket - the capital.

It is clear, that in such situation the only opportunity others to look and prove to be there were balls, but also here etiquette is tenacious embraced having fun! Everything submitted to a ball order: it dictated also sequence of dances which was established by the manager. And with solemn occasions it was helped by the whole committee planning how to alternate dances to rest. At especially pathos balls the order of dances was printed on small cards which were handed to ladies at an entrance.

Danced (clearly, according to rules) a waltz, the Pole, a polonaise, a quadrille (or a country dance - so this dance was called by French), kotilyon.

But to the middle of the century the dancing rhythm and passion of having fun softened strict etiquette. So the waltz by the end of century was accelerated, having turned dance into a whirlwind. On the Pole of couple did not wish to go one after another any more and to spin on the hall, and rushed any route where will take in head. Even the ceremonious polonaise - the first ball dance in which all attendees participated - was perceived now by couples as review. The opportunity to get acquainted, without fear to look each other in eyes, to exchange couple of phrases hidden from others ears by music, to stay at all alone, to prove to be in the best light, knowing that the one who it is necessary, will surely pay attention to you... And therefore all excluded from dance unnecessary the dancing figures which were forcing down hairdresses and suits. The polonaise was turned into walk.

Favourite dance 19 of a century became kotilyon. Which execution lasted about two hours and therefore it was divided into rounds. It passed, as a rule, before a dinner.

The quadrille, but also it " was not less loved; improved : cleaned difficult figures and increased number of dancing. Earlier only four couples, now - all who wanted participated, stood one after another in the row. And there is a lot of persons interested: to touch the person who was pleasant to you, to feel breath, heat of a body and not to receive condemnation of society! What miracle!

Here so dance became the friend and the assistant to young and ardent hearts at the time of strict customs and rigid ethical standards.