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To the child of 4 - 5 years. How to bring up from it the assistant?

If from early age not to accustom the child to performance of household chores, then when he grows up, parents with surprise will find out that their child does not clean to the place of a thing, does not look after footwear, refuses to wash for itself the dishes. And it could be predicted in advance, the goodhearted grandmother constantly put things for the grandson just because he did it long and not absolutely accurately. And mother forbade the child to wash beautiful porcelain plates, being afraid that he will incidentally break them.

At the age of four - five years the kid very much seeks to help parents. He with pleasure carries out various instructions, is interested in everything and already consciously remembers actions and sequence of the taking place events. Use these features of age. It in your interests - to help the child with formation of such necessary traits of character as assiduity, accuracy, discipline.

How to put necessary practical skills in the kid? Let`s consider in more detail.

How to teach to erase the child?


a doll dress (if you have a girl) or a kerchief (if the boy), a piece of soap and a basin with warm water. Show to the child sequence of actions and you ask that he repeated after you:

- put fabric in water;

- take soap and rub specks on it;

- it is possible to arrange a dress (kerchief) between fists and to rub one fist about another;

- a propoloskayta the washed thing in clear water;

- squeeze out it and straighten on a string, having fixed by a clothespeg (a string fix at the level of the child`s eyes that he could hang up independently what washed).

Repeat this occupation periodically that the child remembered sequence of actions.

As to the kid to become Master of preparation of " sandwiches;?


For preparation of sandwiches various products sliced thin and also bread and a beautiful dish or a tray. Products prepare only those which are loved by the child. Suggest the kid to make a tasty sandwich-type dinner for a family. Together with the baby create nice compositions from products, decorate sandwiches with the imagination. Let the child himself also think out how to diversify future dinner. Sandwiches have to turn out appetizing and amusing.

Do not forget to praise the child for perfectly performed task. The praise is a magnificent incentive for new culinary feats.

How to teach the child to wash the dishes?


two small dirty plates, detergent and a sponge. Ask the child to wash the dishes. Most of children of this age joyfully respond to similar offers. At first ask the kid why it is necessary to wash the dishes and what will be if to leave it dirty. After the child speaks, tell him that leftovers and fat on plates spoil over time, harmful microbes are brought to them. The person who will eat from a dirty plate can get sick with something from - for these microbes.

After that show to the kid how to apply detergent on a sponge how to wipe with it plates and as then to wash out them clear water. Especially focus attention on the last moment, it has to remember accurately that detergent needs to be washed away carefully. Then the plate should be wiped with a pure towel or to put on a shelf - drying. Also finish an explanation for those that the sponge needs to be washed out well too.

The algorithm of actions will be remembered not at once to the child therefore repeat and pronounce each trifle. Practice this occupation, whenever possible, every day. Also do not forget to praise for correctly performed work!

Gradually, but persistently impart to the child necessary knowledge and abilities. Only do not give it too difficult tasks that not to beat off hands . You teach it on - kind, it is desirable in the form of game, do not forget to stimulate with a praise. Then your child will grow up hardworking and accurate!