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Who and for what receives MVA?

B 2008 of MVA (Master of Business Administration) noted the 100 - summer anniversary. MVA is demanded more than ever now and business - education is considered the most modern. People of different categories seek to receive degree of MVA. The first are those who got the main education quite recently, about 25 - 30 years and which began career of the head only recently are it. The second are already having a certain weight in society, those who got on a career ladder rather highly, but strives for perfection.

In 1908 at the Harvard business school opened in 1906 the first release of the MVA programs took place.

At the beginning the MVA program represented a mix from economic and accounting courses. Training represented a certain similarity of postgraduate study: listeners came there right after the termination of institute. However at that time the MVA program was not held in high esteem both large and prestigious higher educational institutions refused to include a course which they called " in the program; shopkeeper`s .

Over time society it was stabilized, commercial activity occupied the niche and to MVA began to make other claim. Considered that this education is too available as on training everyone could get. Today on the contrary, it is rather difficult to receive MVA degree as it became elite education with high requirements to the level of training of candidates.

Now the classical model of course MVA consists of two parts: the first year in respect of training there are main disciplines, and in the second part to listeners teach specialized objects of the choice of the pupil.

Continuous change in world economy, discovery of new technologies - all this dictates the rules and modern business - to schools, forcing them to keep up to date and to constantly improve and remake materials of the programs. So, one of recent trends - inclusion in the program of such disciplines which were not taught earlier, for example: leadership, ethics, interpersonal and cross-cultural relations and so forth. Thus, the MVA modern programs not only arm the graduate with the theory and practical methods, but also try to develop his personal qualities, thereby trying to set to him a vector for further growth.

The initiative of creation of the first business - schools in Russia proceeded from the state. So, the special resolution of Council of ministers in 1988 created the Higher business school - the country`s first vocational school of business.

Despite a difficult economic situation, persons interested to receive degree of MVA are not diminished. Moreover: for many crisis became an occasion to get this education. Many despite everything look forward with confidence, and the understanding that crisis will not last eternally, and will surely follow recession rise, inspires them on receiving this education right now.

Especially It should be noted that the most attractive and interesting vacancies which and so every day becomes less demand the corresponding knowledge, and the possession of the prestigious diploma about the termination MVA will be undoubted advantage at employment.