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What salad is called turtle waltz ? It is delightful long...

If, having read the name of article, you tried to make right there own version, then it is very possible that the first thought was connected with zoological aspect of a subject. And if so, then, most likely, it caused association with sluggishness which is represented for a long time by this slow being.

Really, this quality neuklyuzhek with touchingly sticking out from - under painted a roundish armor the head, paws and a tail became the talk of the town long ago. Well, the guess is close to truth, but only partly. This circumstance is considered to be as a labor input sign salad about which there is a speech, multilayered and, and so, the raised time expenditure.

Besides to start a bedding of the marked layers, it is necessary previously which - what to prepare. Well, for example, to have near at hand hundred grams of boiled chicken meat, the wetted prunes without stones, boiled or fried champignons and to cook 3 eggs.

On the other hand, prunes are soaked quickly enough, cooking of eggs - too not God knows what long procedure, and chicken meat and mushrooms also in general can remain from the previous meal. By the way, the turtle name is connected also with the fact that a meat layer in this work - only one, and it is the lowermost. It is possible to recognize the others conditionally armor-clad.

As products it is necessary for this recipe, let different, but little by little, I call it cherepashkiny waltz but not turtle . But why waltz? But because this dance, as we know, has the musical size three quarters, and in the course of preparation of our twelve-layer dish it will be necessary to observe a certain sequence: every third layer will consist of mayonnaise and the crushed walnuts. And four times on three will create as a result culinary composition.

So, one after another. Let`s be to hang up in grams : to the mentioned stogrammovka of boiled chicken meat and prunes it is necessary to rub hundred fifty grams of firm cheese. Separately on a large grater to crush egg whites and yolks of three eggs and one green apple. And to spend mayonnaise and walnuts to taste.

We place the chopped chicken meat in base culinary construction. The following layer - from grated cheese, we apply a setochka from mayonnaise on it and the turned-out small squares - we strew rombik with the crushed walnuts. As a result we receive the first step (time - two - three).

Following we form of a layer of grated proteins and an apple layer over which we repeat a mayonnaise setochka with windows from nut crumbs. The third step - it is layer from cut on strips chernoslivin, one more - from egg yolks and next mayonezno - a nut lattice.

Now what at musicians is called kody . We with it will keep within one step. The tenth layer is made by plates of champignons, the eleventh - cheese, and the twelfth it is correct, the last lattice. However, if a lack of time or just laziness, cover the work napkin from mayonnaise also strew with walnuts.

Musical taste my turtles - invisible beings differs in tendency to variations and the potpourri. Therefore sometimes the apple layer is replaced pineapple, nut - garnet kernels, and mayonnaise is divided into halves with sour cream. On mood. What surprising? Waltzes happen different too: Vienna, Boston, Argentina

However and there is more to come. Having finished preparation, look for hours: what is the time left on it? Also compare at a snail`s pace as you imagine it. Meets? Or your turtles from category of the ninjia?

Anyway by all means smile as it is a necessary stroke to completion of creative process. And you can applaud to yourself - the creator. But it is even better if with an applause you are awarded by tasters of a dish. And I wish it to you!