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How not to do much harm to the health before New year? Who does not want to meet

New year healthy, happy and beautiful! And, of course, there is no wish to ache before a holiday. Here also the belief disturbs us: - As you will meet New year, and But you are by

in a forceful mood and do not intend to give in to any disgusting infections. You remember that the best means against an illness is its prevention and you begin to prepare for it intensively: you buy the means strengthening immunity, lemons, you stock up with aspirin

But here you got on the street about which people not only healthy, but also not really, and even just sick wander, being unsteady from high temperature, aspiring which - as on unsteady legs to overcome a way to a home or to policlinic in hope to receive the sick-list. It is some kind of zone of risk, and from that, how successfully you will overcome it, your immunity is how strong, the organism is how tempered, depends: whether the illness will develop and will put you to bed. You, unfortunately, are not able to fly, and it is necessary to make the way through air with the soaring microbes.

To the house still far, but you already feel in a throat irritation, pain when swallowing. To you it is extremely clear that if you do not take quickly measures, then the opposite illness for a long time drag in a bed can you. On the road you run in a drugstore, and there are ready to help with trouble, having exempted from a money your, still hard, a purse. You enter a trading floor and are lost from variety of offers. Everything is so seductive, but also at the same time it is suspicious: Promise you instant result without side effects, without knowing anything about you...

Before you colourful show-windows with drugs, and stand behind counters obliging sellers and so invitingly advertize that the hand itself lasts to acquire the curing treasure. You detain the look on expensive tablets which persistently try to sell to you, but suddenly remember what mass of fakes is in drugstores, and you are punched by a cold perspiration: And suddenly these tablets not only will not help, but also

You stopped in time! Without consultation of the doctor itself can do much harm so that not only New year you will meet in a bed, but also take Christmas!

Hide the purse and run to yourself home - you have everything to cope with the beginning illness. Well, what hostess will not have a house of a bulb? Having come home, make tea (if there is not no strong black green, then): pour tea leaves into a teapot, put from above the onions peel washed by flowing water, cut off couple of pieces of a lemon, and fill in everything with abrupt boiled water. In ten minutes tea with an onions peel will be ready to the use. Drink tea hot, but not burning! If the sore throat does not pass, take an aspirin medicine, but do not swallow, and slowly soak up with tea.

If you besides shivered, make a hot foot bathtub with an onions peel. Tea with an onions peel and a lemon - good prevention of catarrhal diseases. If at your place there is a honey, then put on a teaspoon and drink a vprikuska. The onions peel is vitamin-rich, and tea will give inflow of forces, will well work on kidneys.

You successfully coped with an infection, but tomorrow you should get to a zone of street risk again...

You can protect yourself from an air infection for some time if before an exit you wash out a nose pink solution of potassium permanganate and to them will rinse a mouth, or wiped garlic with onions will turn in a three-layer marlechka and will grease nose wings, or again will trouble an onions peel and will wash out it a nasopharynx.

It is useful to use broth from an onions peel also for rinsing of hair when washing the head. Try to make it, and you are convinced that your hair gained silkiness and gloss. The onions peel can be applied also to treatment of a hypertensive illness. Some healers suggest to add a dogrose and the crushed needles of a fir-tree or a pine to an onions peel.

You were convinced how perfectly you were helped by an onions peel which still quite recently was thrown out in garbage, and again became thoughtful: - How to be saved from cold and not to ache on New Year`s Eve?

Know, never late to begin itself to temper!

But you screw up the face from a presentiment of the unpleasant feelings connected with cold water.

be not upset ahead of time - it is possible to temper itself air bathtubs!

Procedure is quite simple: You are bared for about twenty seconds in the room with an open window leaf, then vigorously pound a body a dry towel and dive for a minute into a bed under a warm blanket.

Then again you are in the fresh air, but is already ten seconds more, you pound a body a dry towel and again you dive into a warm bed. Finish stay in a naked state about one minute, moisten a towel with warm water, pound properly a body, and then again dry and dive finally into a bed.

Next day make one procedure more and finish gradually, adding every day one, general time of air bathtubs in a naked state about two minutes. The best time for reception of air bathtubs - morning (after a dream) or - evening (before going to bed). Present to the skin fresh air and massage, and it in reply will become healthy and elastic. Contrast bathtubs on air will help cell renewal, removal of slags from a surface of skin and to strengthening of work of endocrine glands.

Protect the skin - it is very important for the person, through it salutary forces get into an organism. Ancient philosophers claimed: Protect skin and you will have everything . Do not forget about medicinal properties of an onions peel, about advantage of air bathtubs, and you will meet New year in good health!