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How to control a condition of the hard drive?

of Windows are not only the environment for start of various appendices. The set of the programs intended for service of the personal computer, the solution of specific tasks and even entertainments is included in the package of an operating system. As a rule, access to these utilities can be got through the section Standard in the Start-up menu . Press the Start-up button , pass into point All programs , then in Standard - and you will see the list of the utilities of Windows established on your computer.

The utility Cleaning of a disk cleans unnecessary files from the hard drive. For example, it deletes garbage from the Basket, erases the temporary files created in the course of work of Windows and applied appendices, visit web - pages, etc. To start the program, in a window my computer right-click on a badge of that logical disk which should be cleared of garbage, and in a context menu select item of Property . Then go to a tab the General and press the Cleaning of a Disk button . Before beginning, the utility will ask you what data need to be removed.

The Defragmentation of a Disk program orders placement of files that allows to accelerate operation of the hard drive, so - and all system. After start of the program you will see the list of all logical sections and their property: the used file system, total amount and an empty seat (in a quantitative and percentage ratio). Before the choice of a disk for defragmentation by means of function of the analysis it is necessary to find out in what state there are disks. After completion of check the program will issue the report in which you learn whether it is worth defragmenting the chosen section in general. Also consider that the speed of defragmentation depends on amount of free space on a disk which it is desirable not for exchange to have 20%. Besides, before defragmentation close all started applications that they did not slow down work of the program as reading and data recording on a disk. Once a month is enough to carry out defragmentation.

The system utility Check of a disk controls a condition of the hard drive. From - for incorrect zaversheniye of work and other failures of the computer on the hard drive the so-called lost clusters, and also other write errors of data which can affect integrity of information which is stored on the computer subsequently can be formed. This program scans the hard drive, finds and eliminates all found errors. Among possible operating modes of the program there is a check of all structure of a disk, including system files, and complete control with scanning of all physical surface of the hard drive for the purpose of stay and restoration on it the damaged sectors. Once in several days is recommended to do check of a disk.

Sometimes during the work on the personal computer there are difficulties with which the user cannot independently cope. Unfortunately, there is no skilled expert often nearby, and to try to explain the problem by phone - usually useless waste of time. To understand what happens to your computer, and it is possible to make any recommendations blindly not always. Fortunately, in Windows HR there is a Removed assistant - the special utility which will allow not only to learn opinion of the person understanding computers but also to provide it partial control over your personal computer. A request for the help can be sent on the Internet - to a pager of Windows Messenger or by e-mail. Then the step-by-step master will prompt, to properly organize a communication session that the assistant helped with the solution of your problem.

The System recovery program which purpose - reanimation of OS in case of the failure caused, for example, by incorrect installation of the driver or the appendix or owing to infection with a virus is a part of Windows HR. The program works as follows: at each installation of the appendix or the driver the System recovery automatically creates picture current state of Windows. If necessary picture it is possible to create at any time. Subsequently in case of any failures it is easy to return to any previous recorded condition of system (a restoration point). However, at the same time it is possible otmenapolezny actions, for example the necessary program for work will be removed or settings of registration of appearance Windows are brought down.