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Elza Lezhdey: how generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs forbade its cine marriage with the major Znamensky?

friends and acquaintances of the honored actress of RSFSR Elza Ivanovny Lezhdey will gather on February 19 on Khovansky a capital cemetery to honor memory of the untimely deceased actress. Perhaps, she could play much more roles, but forever remained in memory national as Zinochka Kibrit, the faithful fellow worker of majors Fell Palycha Znamensky and Shurika Tomina with which together made a legendary Trinity in a TV series The Investigation is carried on by Experts . Tell that when on a TV screen there was the next series from life of these staff of Moscow criminal investigation department, the crime in the country reduced to zero. Zinul`s

taught criminals how not to get

A the most devoted admirers of series, along with housewives, were... inveterate criminals who listened to each word, hoping to study thoroughly forms and methods of work of Moscow criminal investigation department. Most they, naturally, liked Zinochka. In - the first, it was nice, and in - the second, prompted on what it is possible to make a mistake in the future...

And very few people from the audience guessed that the last series were removed when Elza Ivanovna was seriously ill. Not incidentally in a final teleplay of Zinul as Znamensky and Tomin called it according to the movie, appears on the screen only in one episode...

the Girl from Legendary Sevastopol

Elza Lezhdey was born

on February 19, 1933 in legendary Sevastopol, in the seaman`s family. She did not like to tell about herself, and hardly we sometime learn even about whether there was Ella (as the common-law husband called her) in the territory occupied by Germans during heavy fighting for the fortified city, or with mother managed to evacuate it. It does not play a special role. Important another - Elza came to come to Moscow from Sevastopol, and this 17 - the summer girl was so sure of herself that she filed documents to two theatrical higher education institutions at once - in Shchukinskoye and Shchepkinskoye. And that is even more surprising - arrived both there, and there.

However, when it appeared before the choice, prompted to it to stop on To the Chip . To act sportswoman, member of the Komsomol and just beauty the beginnings on next to last year of higher education institution when she was invited to Varvara`s role in the movie Ice cold sea . Perhaps, they, daughters of seamen, have a special ability to wait on the bank of return of the darling? Here and as Pomor Varvara expecting the groom - the seaman, Elza looked very organically... whether

Is easy to be the director`s wife?

A further the destiny presented it a bonus: they met the director Vladimir Naumov on shootings and fell in love with each other. Without any stretch it was office romance but in the world of theater and cinema such novels arise enough - often, many actresses have highlight can give themselves, know how it is correct to get out of any ticklish situation.

It was young, beautiful, very charming so nothing surprising that the husband began to offer actively roles to the spouse, by and large, was. In principle, the actress only benefited from it, Naumov was the director who is very thinking, building each action sometimes rejecting what lies on a surface. But also the protectionism did not manage. Here is how Vasily Lanovoy who acted together with Lezhdey in the movie " told about it; Pavka Korchagin :

- Volodya licked for it each shot. And it is remarkable... though it is a little offensive. That is it is a pity that he was not engaged in other performers so in detail. You know, since Pavel Korchagin I in general try not to participate in the movie if in it the director`s wife acts. However, against Elza I have nothing: it was a remarkable person - kind and having.

But besides these qualities at.

the Cat who walked in itself?

Even it is gentle

- the affable relation from the husband (out of a shooting stage he did not afford even the increased tone) did not help it to hold the beauty - the wife. Elza was fond of another. The colleague - Vyacheslav Shalevich. Its star role - sir Poet in a TV show Vegetable marrow of 13 chairs . They got acquainted on shooting Hockey players . Vyacheslav at that time endured personal tragedy, for the sake of Valentina Titova he divorced the spouse, and she took and married Vladimir Basov. And the partner on the movie Elza Lezhdey consoled the poor creature. Also it douteshatsya - Vyacheslav suggested not to leave it and after shootings. They lived two years, but did not issue marriage officially

Then they left. By the way, and Vladimir Naumov did not remain is lonely, having married Natalya Belokhvostikova. Where Shalevich - there is no mention left. Lezhdey resumed acquaintance to Vsevolod Safonov. So it happened that they met they in far 1957, on shootings, but then everything ended just with participation in the movie. And the next meeting took place, as in Alexandre Dumas`s novel - the father - Twenty years later .

By then they were already famous actors. Among the best roles of Vsevolod Safonov there is Sviridov in the movie Silence Alexey Kiryushin in the movie Belarusian station were also Optimistic tragedy Easy life Board and sword and some other. And Lezhdey was already rather popular after an exit of 13 " series by then; Consequences . However, there was one barrier - Vsevolod not always managed to respect the rules during feasts and holidays. But here Elza showed character, having set the unique condition - never to abuse that burns

our service is difficult also without office romances

But we will return to a TV series. As usual in the cine life first for Zinochka Kibrit`s role other actress - Anna Antonenko was tried. The matter is that also Martynyuk playing Znamensky and Kanevsky who was remembered to us as Tomin, and even the director of series Vyacheslav Brovin served in theater on Small as Bronna. In the same place looked after also the pretender to a leading role. But there was what had to happen - Anna became pregnant and could not act in series.

It is remarkable that one of operators of series - Boris Lazarev - still is engaged in the same. One of its latest works - The Woman without the past . He told me during our meeting Moscow that then now the relation to series differ a little. It is easily looked through: On the same 13 " series; Consequences 6 years left, and today 13 series remove seldom when 6 days. Sometimes keep within 2 - 3 days

They say that Lezhdey subdued scriptwriters Olga and Alexander Lavrov who, having got acquainted with the charming actress, insisted that Elza by all means has to play Zinochka. And the first shootings confirmed that they with the actress hit the nail.

Here only with generals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs who advised a picture everything appeared not so simply. First they began to expostulate authors and the director from - for the fact that Znamensky and Tomin pitch one cigarette for another (and what to do if Sherlock Holmes, and the commissioner Megre were big fans to smoke a tube). Generally, the highest militia ranks insisted that investigators by all means will leave off smoking (that they also made).

Besides near intellectuals Palychem Fell and Shurik Zinochka Kibrit looked such walking textbook on criminalistics. She knew all its sections and could quote scientific concepts all day long. And therefore scriptwriters decided even more to bind housewives also built the love line. Palych fell and Zinulya fell in love with each other, and business even reached the REGISTRY OFFICE.

But here - that generals also interfered: what the disgrace is? Investigators have to think only of disentangling of difficult criminal and economic offenses, but not arrange office romance . And how many Olga and Alexander Lavrov did not try to prove that the love line will only refresh, songs " are farther; Hidden fight better known as Our service is also dangerous and difficult generals did not go. Also remained Palych with Zinulya Fell are lonely, but bodies of militia are pure and pure the Son found

mother dead...

Unfortunately, in 1989 when the big country was on the threshold of disorder, the last " series left; Consequences . By this time Elza in vain tried to find other roles. Its image was tightly soldered to charming Zinulya, and any director did not invite her to other role. And only in a year of death of the husband she acted in the movie She-wolves .

Vsevolod Safonov did not become on July 6, 1992. Since then Elza became reserved, lived a solitary life. However, from time to time she was visited by the son Alexey with her grandson. But every year she left the dwelling more and more seldom. Also Elza Ivanovna in the complete loneliness died on June 13, 2001. Alexey came to visit mother, but found its dead

But memory about Lezhdey did not die. She by right is considered one of the most beautiful actresses of the Soviet cinema. And exactly thanks to it thousands of Soviet little girls cast in the lot with criminalistics