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What gift to buy for February 23???

On the eve of a holiday on February 23, many women and girls ask a question what to present to relatives, colleagues and, of course, darling???

On the matter it is impossible to give one characteristic and exact answer. Many puzzle on the eve of a holiday, in panic running on shops, someone begins to do it for long till a holiday, using all possible resources of the Internet.

So all - to present??? All these suvenirchik from the covered market, knickknacks, spirits and much, many other, already absolutely bothered. Hunting something new, not banal and can even be extraordinary, in certain cases it would not be bad even going beyond reasonable in good sense.

But I cannot but mention that a difference not only to whom you give (to the colleague, the relative), but also who this person at heart, his addictions, its hobby. For example, to the person who is fond of playing a guitar some new lotion and accessory to a guitar, to the compulsive gambler the newest version of some game will please. And here the gift cost, and its need is not even important. The collector of brands can like usual brand which he just on combination of circumstances, did not see before.

Presently the gifts which are required in life do not draw special attention it is too banal. The gift has to go with all the heart, but not getting rid or doing a transparent hint for March eighth. Shaving sets, socks, pants belong to the same list.

To the relative, in special cases it is possible to present and something practical, let uses with pleasure and remembers you, but, in fact, gifts with humour or with a hint on some long ago forgotten dream or idea on which it was once keen most of all approach.

Friends, as well as relatives one of the closest people, raise at them a smile and pleasure in relation to you once again, but the most important is that the joke turned out not offensive.

At the choice of a gift for acquaintances, the main thing not to be overzealous and not to enclose absolutely not the necessary hints as a gift, let it will be something unpretentious, but in too time interesting or necessary.

The administration or colleagues suit some knickknacks which of course are not bought in the market, and something on more gracefully, better from other country or with some distinctive logo more.

And, of course, one of the most responsible gifts, is a gift to darling. Here it is necessary to experiment accurately: the romantic dinner by candlelight or Europe tour, and can the gift made with own hands? Also one of options is to remind of the childhood, to wake so, to tell in your elect the boy, buy some interesting toy or the designer of his childhood, in certain cases result just stunning. The main thing that he emphasized your love, care and caress, and result (of course positive) will not keep waiting long.

And so, so the gift has to be necessary, unexpected, interesting, not navyashchevy and it is in certain cases much important, reserved.

Good luck to you dear ladies, please and care for the defenders!!!