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World financial crisis. The reason - US dollar of

the Whole world met new 2009 in a condition of big uncertainty and uncertainty in tomorrow. World financial crisis which was predicted by many leading economists nevertheless came, and is so unexpected that the world economy cannot still depart from shock of the caused losses. And it only beginning. Authoritative analysts declare that crisis in the world will last from 3 to 5 years.

What really happened? What could give world economy, up to this point rather stable and protected, on a crash side? Who is guilty of it also what to do in such situation? Here opinion of some people who will help to clear a situation and to slightly open a curtain over secret of world financial crisis.

For most of sane people any more not a secret the fact that in the world nothing occurs in itself. On everything there is the reason. Let`s remember the known expression: You want to learn who it made? Look for the one to whom it is favorable! . It was favorable to whom to shake world economy? Who will suffer from it, and who will win? Let`s try to understand.

The world economy includes economies of the certain states, economic communities and multinational corporations. For all this successful interaction the world financial system which carries out the vital functions on redistribution of cash flows by means of banks is used. The huge role in all this is played by system of crediting which is the main source of the income of a world banking system. By the way, crediting on a large scale also leads to inflation growth around the world. Banks just credit such enormous sums which they actually do not have, getting, thus, net profit from air.

The Federal Reserve System in the USA which belongs, by the way, to the private companies in general acts still simpler. It just prints money which is provided with nothing and are in itself the costing nothing green pieces of paper. All this leads finally to increase in money supply around the world, and as a natural result, catastrophic inflation which increases every year. The leading economists struggle with the solution of this problem though the answer lies on a surface. Any sane person will understand that it is necessary to stop system of mass crediting around the world. Banks then will not be able to speculate and profit on usurious percent from the issued credits, the level of money supply will objectively decrease and growth of inflation will stop. But what is clear to us the leading world economists and financiers do not want to notice. Why? Everything is very simple. They are involved in this speculative scheme and to pull down it to them, of course - not favourably.

But we will return to financial crisis.

Everything began with the fact that in the summer of 2007 in the USA there was a small economic crisis caused by a mass non-return of mortgage loans by citizens of the USA. The rate of inflation reached that level that people objectively could not pay more than percent on the credits for housing. Banks suffered a big loss which they could not predict. And as money from the planned income was already included in the subsequent chain of speculative operations, events went by the principle dominoes . Crisis of a non-return of payments led to the fact that banks ceased to issue the credits, being afraid are more increasing poterso than the party. In turn all world business, including the industry, agriculture and a services sector considerably slowed down the growth as it was tied on proceeds of credit. Industrial output fell. The level of income of citizens decreased that led to reduction of consumption level, and it in turn led to mass reductions in a services sector.

On all this background one more moment which is ignored by all world mass media is interesting. Nobody for some reason wants to think of the fact that absolutely soon the USA and world financial funds will start over again crediting in large quantities the countries, being covered with plausible slogans that it is allegedly the help in crisis overcoming. And again to the countries and the states the dollar credits, empty green pieces of paper will begin to flow, increasing already huge external debt of all countries of the world. And for the USA it will be one more opportunity to prolong existence of the not provided dollar for some time. It is a pity only that for such, frankly grabezhny policy, all countries of the world should pay off.