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What to present to the motorist?

according to Ilf and Petrov, pedestrians make a majority of mankind. Alas, classics of the Soviet humour did not assume how disputable will become their statement through some seven - eight decades. Of course, on many city streets of pedestrians for the present it is more, than cars. But you ask the first comer that he on foot goes? Also it will turn out that the car round the corner, simply here is no place to park. Or in service, or gasoline protects Some prefer public transport. But the bus - too the car! Whatever one may do - and motorists presently if it is no more, than pedestrians, then it is not less - for certain.

Choosing a gift, we most often consider a floor of presented. To women - flowers, to men - liquid in beautiful glassware. Well, still ditya`m - ice cream. And it is time to remember what among both the first, and the second, or perhaps and the third motorists - not to count. What to present to them - that, warm?

Unfortunately, for the present the donator pays attention to new car only at the choice of a gift for the third target group. The pocket is closer to a body, and kids the new toy will quite satisfy. To motorists is more senior any lovely bagatelles which are not deprived of automobile functionality will approach. What? Well, for example

the Charm for search of keys . Usually keys from the lock of ignition lie in the same place. As happens annoyingly when before an exit from the house it is found out that the place it is empty. Nervous searches begin, to the family groundless charges fly And only it is also necessary that slightly to whistle. The presented charm right there will respond a melodious signal. Here it I, do not worry, protect nerves and do not test the fortress of the family relations. The gift is not expensive at all, will manage baksik in 10.

A charm - a small lamp with a razmorazhivatel of locks . It is useful at a dark entrance when you come back home from garage, having wished to the iron friend good night. Still will help in the dark under a cowl or in a luggage carrier to consider any trifle. And in the winter with itself in a pocket it is not necessary to carry a barrel with any WD, the charm will help out. And only the same 10 - 15 green.

Sign of an emergency stop . I do not know how whom, and me to buy a good sign that is called the toad smothers . And some Chinese plastic dangles in a luggage carrier, I only on checkup also get it. And mind I understand that a thing - that, in principle, not superfluous. Would present who, gave joy. And price, in general, not transcendental. The abrupt sign with magnetic fastening, adjustment of situation on an inclination and height and the blinking illumination on batteries will manage about 45 conditional. Speak, in the dark such miracle for kilometer is visible.

Automobile communicator . This will be dearer, dollars under 90. Why it is necessary? And now I will tell. You ever shouted to neighbors in a street stopper: Where you prt, the moron! Well admit, was... Well, though just once - and it is obligatory. Only all the same nobody heard your emotions, window leaves and doors are closed, and strongly will not wave with hands, the wheel should be held. Here the communicator will also help out. Its display can be fixed on wind or back glass, and the control panel is closer to hands. Pressed a button - and on the display the picture or a couple of words appears. Perhaps and tender, not nevertheless to swear.

Digital breathalyzer . A certain category of drivers will surely speak well of the donator. Died - and in 15 seconds on the display result. Sensitivity - from 0. 1 per milles. Situations happen different and to have an exact idea of the opportunities never to the liyena. And there is such priborchik about $140 together with the adapter under " lighter; and spare mouthpieces.

Pleasant congratulations and good luck on roads.