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What destiny was chosen to herself by Anna Petrovna Kern? Or... wonderful moment comes to an end quickly

So developed that everything with whom the course of life of Pushkin was crossed, remained in our history, on them reflections of talent of the great poet fell. If not Pushkin I remember a wonderful moment and followed then several touching letters of the poet, a name of Anna Kern it would be forgotten long ago. And so, both the name very famous, and interest in the woman does not cease - what in her was such, forced to flare Pushkin`s passion?

Anna was born 22 on February (11), 1800 in a family of the landowner Pyotr Poltoratsky. Her childhood passed in the small town of Lubna and in the estate of Bernovo belonging to the grandfather on mother I. P. Woolf who was during this period the Oryol governor. Anna was only 17 years old when the father married her for 52 - the summer general Ermolai Fyodorovich Kern. Family life at once was not taken. Anna even wrote down in the diary: It cannot be loved - to me it is not even allowed to respect consolations it; I will tell directly - I almost hate it .

The young beauty wanted to shine in light, and to the spouse got to serve not in St. Petersburg, and in distant garrisons and he obviously avoided secular entertainments. Passed almost all wars of the time, repeatedly wounded, he was a conscientious and honest gimper what and in those days was enough. Fighting awards and his portrait written according to the order of the emperor for Military gallery of the Winter Palace testified to merits of the general. Behind office affairs of time for the young wife at the general remained a little. So Anna preferred to entertain herself, actively getting novels on the party. Similar situations were not a rarity even in families of the glorified commanders, not for nothing about " in those days; adventures Varvara Suvorova and Ekaterina Bagration many years gossiped in secular salons.

Unfortunately, Anna partially transferred the attitude towards the husband also to daughters whom did not want to be engaged in education obviously. It was necessary to arrange to the general them in Smolny institute. And soon spouses as spoke at that time, parted began to live separately, maintaining only visibility of family life.

For the first time Pushkin appeared on the horizon Anna in 1819. There was it in St. Petersburg in the house of her aunt E. M. Olenina. Here is how it described this meeting subsequently: On one of evenings at Oleninykh I met Pushkin and did not notice it: my attention was engrossed by charades which then were played and in which Krylov, Pleshcheev and others participated... At supper Pushkin took seat with my brother behind me and tried to pay to himself my attention flattering exclamations as, for example: Whether It is possible to be such pretty! . Then the poet did not make impression on Anna, and according to some data, she even insulted it and called a monkey.

The next meeting took place in June, 1825 when Anna stopped by to stay for a while in Trigorskoye, a manor of the aunt, P. A. Osipova where she met Pushkin again. Mikhaylovskoye was nearby, and soon Pushkin became constant visitor in Trigorskoye. But Anna has love affairs with his friend Aleksey Woolf so the poet needed only to sigh and pour forth on paper. Then - that the well-known lines were also born. Here is how it was remembered by Anna Kern subsequently:

It came in the morning and at parting brought me a copy 2 - y heads Onegina in uncut leaves between which I found four times the put post sheet of paper with verses: I remember a wonderful moment and so forth and so forth. When I was going to hide a poetic gift in a casket, it long looked at me, then convulsively snatched out and did not want to return; to nasil I elicited them again; what at it flew then in the head - I do not know. I told these verses then to the baron Delwig who placed them in the Northern " colors; .

Anna`s memoirs were published subsequently and gave a reason to doubts whether and her these lines were devoted? Letters which were written by the poet to Anna after her departure from Trigorsky unambiguously testify - her. There is his first letter: Your arrival to Trigorskoye left in me impression deeper and painful, than that which was once made on me by our meeting at Oleninykh... Correspondence does not conduct to anything, I know; but I have no forces to oppose to desire to receive though the word written by your pretty handle... Farewell, divine; I rage also I at your legs . And it already from the following letter: Darling! Charm! Divine! . All five letters filled with passion and hope for a meeting are known.

The meeting took place in two years, and they even became lovers, but for a while. Probably, the proverb is right that only the forbidden fruit happens sweet. The passion soon ceased, but purely secular relations between them proceeded.

And Anna turned whirlwinds of new novels, causing a gossip in society to which she not really - that paid attention. When she was 36 years old, Anna suddenly disappeared from a social life though a gossip from it did not become less. And to gossip for a while was about what, the windy beauty fell in love, and her elect became 16 - the summer cadet Sasha Markov - Vinogradsky, former is slightly more senior than her younger daughter.

Anna became isolated in the family circle and began to conduct a usual quiet life of the respectable married lady with the young elect. In three years they gave birth to the son named by Alexander. All this time she continued to remain Ermolai Kern`s wife formally. And when the rejected husband at the beginning of 1841 died, Anna made the act which caused not less a gossip in society than her former novels. As the general widow, the solid lifelong pension relied her, but she refused it and in the summer of 1842 got married to Markov - Vinogradsky, having accepted his surname.

Anna got the husband betrayed and loving, but not rich. The family hardly made ends meet. It is natural that from expensive St. Petersburg it was necessary to move to the small estate of the husband in the Chernihiv province. At the time of the next sharp lack of money Anna even sold Pushkin`s letters which she very much valued. Tried to earn additionally also the translations, but whether you will earn from it in the remote place much. In 1855 Markov - Vinogradsky received a small position in St. Petersburg, but in 10 years was compelled in a rank of a collegiate asessor (the 8th class Tables of ranks) to retire. The family had to go to the country again.

The family lived in poverty, but between Anna and the husband there was a true love which they kept till last day. They also died in one year. Anna endured the spouse only for four months with small. She died in Moscow on May 27, 1879.

It is symbolical that to a final journey Anna Markova - Vinogradskaya was carried on Tverskoy Boulevard where just mounted a monument to Pushkin who immortalized her name. Buried Anna Petrovna near a small churchlet in the village of Prutnya near Torzhok.

In the history Anna Petrovna Kern and remained Genius of pure beauty inspired the Great poet on fine verses.