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Female leg or hoof? The ancient Petersburg riddle of

would Seem, all have to know it. At least, those who live in St. Petersburg, write about St. Petersburg... In particular, and about this monument which has a riddle unsoluble still.

Walking with children in the square at Engineers` Castle (the former Mikhaylovsky), each parent brought the child to a monument to Peter I from two parties. That the child the first time joyfully told: Horse! And here for the second time already: The Leg with a " shoe;.

The well-known monument (the first equestrian statue in Russia in general, by the way) with the inscription to the great-grandfather from the great-grandson and costs with the riddle, but parents now, probably, are more busy. And it makes sense to keep riddles! They need to be protected, if there is no solution.

Yes, at that monument (Rastrelli) where the tsar it is proud sits on a horse where on pedestals important episodes of Northern war - fight are represented at Gangut and near Poltava, and thousands of tourists grab the polished heel of the seaman in order that their desire came true, there is an obvious secret.

Actually, secrets there is a lot of: both in figures, and in the history of creation of a sculpture. (Paul I put it counter to desire of mother). But there is a secret loved by all. But, apparently, already forgotten. Even Wikipedia is silent.

We look the first time.

The thoughtful singer

looks At the Desert monument of the tyrant,

to the Oblivion which is terribly sleeping among fog

the thrown palace
(A. Pushkin)

the Horse under Petr is fine, noble, with the neck bent abruptly, a magnificent tail, powerful legs. A slender stallion of the Persian breed by the name of Lizetta. And a shabrack at it with large brushes, and a harness with suspension brackets, and a bridle in jewelry. With a regal bearing. Is a match for the emperor topped with a laurel wreath and with a marshal`s baton. They are merged in one artistic image, complete and majestic.

Only shortcoming of a horse: forward left leg and not horse at all. Female it is a leg, and in a shoe.

We look again. It is better to click on the photo and to be convinced personally. It - the leg very good in a form.

In two centuries various theories of this strange thing moved forward. And the horse was remembered... very kind word. Strangely enough, this gallant horse was called very thoughtless name of Lizett (speak, in honor of the daughter). Petr did not leave Lizetta, and Lizetta loved Petr. Speak, the horse could miss so that he ran from a stable and itself searched for the owner. Lizetta was with it in all fights, in the Persian campaign, even near Poltava. Both drank and ate from a table d`hote. Also Lizetta to tears was upset if important trips were cancelled.

Now its effigy in the Zoological museum of Academy of Sciences. And all - the version suffers. Lizett, you want - you do not want, - a horse. What does it have to do with a harmonous female charm?

The second version - a joke or small revenge.

Again version, already romantic plan: the sculptor imprinted the beloved`s leg. For the general memory?

This secret is recorded also in books, in particular, at the famous expert on the city N. Sindalovsky. The leg is seen by all, see since that moment when the monument took the place. Any measures were never undertaken, and to children from year to year, from century in century parents showed this incident. Except for the Great Patriotic War when the monument was removed, right there dug, hid from bombs and set up again only in 1944. And again then showed, both were surprised, and asked the same questions. On which and there is no answer.

But though remember a riddle, Petersburgers! And not only they (we). And let someone will tell that it is only optical illusion. However it is our illusion not someone`s. The illusions need to be able to be valued too.

And still both any old resident, and the ordinary guide will tell you that it is female leg.