Rus Articles Journal

As well as where to invest in crisis time? I Will begin

from it is far... First of all, it is necessary to define,

what types of investment exist for this day.

Here most important of them:

a) Apartment;

This option suits, as a rule, all who have money for this acquisition. If to buy the apartment for $100 000 and to hand over on I will eat for $300, then there are a year $3200. That is from inflation not uberezhyom. We go further...

b) Trade;

This option will make more profit, than renting an apartment. If affairs go well, then we will receive about 10% a year, that is in ten years we will cover an initial investment. Already best of all, but we will go, perhaps, further...

c) Deposit;

All counter here that without doing anything we receive about 14% a year, or 14 000 dollars. But as this type of an investment risky - we go further...

d) Actions;

Actions - a so-called pot of gold which will bring 100% per annum. It is super!

But there is one more investment which, maybe, is more favorable in total

d) the Investment in itself and the development.

This way of an investment can bring 150, 200, 250, 300 and even 500% (depending on the choice and a bag of an investment). It is the best of all! It - the best!

You can learn English / German / French and go abroad. You can become the computer master and be engaged in repair of computers. You can make everything that want and to have everything that want! Just take a step to dream and move to it.

In addition, I want to lay out monetary affirmation:

I every day earn more and more

every day at me new ideas of assets

appear Wellbeing in my life flows like water .

I am a successful and rich person Here and now.

I see everywhere an opportunity to earn money! I easily realize the best of opportunities!

I receive the money creative, creative and by fair means!

I always attract rich, successful people in the life.

I always attract in the life and in the business of talented, creative and honest partners.

I always attract a huge number of resources and ideas in the life.

I am an excellent financial manager!

My money works most effectively and creates the increasing and bigger wealth for me and my family!

I have worthy me the passive income!

I am financially free person! I have so much money how many for me it is necessary!

I work for pleasure and self-realization! My work yields to me desired revenue!

I correctly operate the finance and investments, creating powerful flows of the passive income.

I am joyfully trained in new modern technologies of creation and management of wealth.

I am a rich and successful person!

I receive wealth and gifts from various sources with love and gratitude!

I am the prospering businessman!

I wisely and effectively dispose of all my resources - energy, time, money and opportunities! I create money at any time!

It is fine - to be the rich and successful person Here and now! I enjoy the provided life!

I with pleasure, love and gratitude receive money for the goods or services!

I with pleasure, love and gratitude count the money and competently I operate the income!

I with pleasure invest part of the money in successful projects and funds! My money is multiplied!

I with pleasure, love and gratitude accumulate the wealth!

I with pleasure, love and gratitude spend reasonable part of the income!

My income increases every day!

It joyfully and spiritually - to be to the rich, the prospering person.

I am an owner of the life and easily I receive so much money how many for me it is necessary!

I perfectly dispose of the money, I always have them and every day becomes more and more!

I go to material security surely and quietly.

I rejoice to the small and great success.

I analyze the experience and I act now more effectively, than in the past.

I am confident in the success!

I am a Personality, irrespective of the level of my income. I realize the value of money for me and I accept real efforts for increase of level of my income.

I look for and I realize ways of increase in my income!

I believe in myself!

I have the huge potential which will allow me to reach everything that I will wish!

I am an owner of the life! I create the reality! I effortlessly create to myself wealth!

I easily create to myself that level of material welfare which I will wish.

I am worthy riches, I go to it surely and inevitably.

Money gives me freedom and realization of all my plans!

My income is defined only by my relation to life. I am successful and I reach everything that I will want.

Money loves me and comes to me in desired quantity!

Money is an important part of my life, they allow me to reach everything that I wish.

I choose happiness with money!

Money allows to open to all advantages of my soul.

I appreciate money and I dare to receive them in desired quantity.

I know the price to the work and I dare to quote the worthy price.

I am proud of the fact that I am rich.

Money gives me independence and the chance to realize all my plans.

I trust lives. The more at me money, the more steadily I feel. Money gives me feeling of guarantees and stability.

I receive the money effortlessly.

Money helps me to develop and achieve my spiritual objectives spiritually.

God shows the attention to me and through money. The more I have pleasures, the closer I to God!

I know, how much is my work. My work costs much! Wealthy people address me. I am an excellent professional, and people are ready to pay my services adequately!

I earn money to buy that I want.

I wisely dispose of money.

Money just sticks to me. My pockets are full money. I am attractive for money.

I am worthy big money. I am worthy to live in luxury!

Money deserves that about them to think and aspire to them. I start up money in the life. I am open for money!

Money gives me a financial support in life! I perfectly feel among rich people! I have interests and needs of the rich person!

Money is happiness, health, success!

The road fortunately is covered with money. I am worthy happiness with money!

I choose the world of wealth and money.

I live to feel happiness the success and wealth

Ya is open for perception of success.

I with pleasure welcome wealth with which the Universe endows me.

I have all necessary for achievement of success.

I feel gratitude for everything that having surrounds.

I deserve on the best in life.

I live the life filled with gifts of love and money.

I realize limitlessness of richness of the world and their sufficiency for me.

I am free from avarice.

I am open on acceptance of money from new sources.

I allow wealth to get into each cell of my body.

I achieve success in each business.

I gradually develop and I increase inflow of wealth to my life.

I attract all possible benefits and happiness.

I feel continuous growth of my welfare.

I know that money loves me and comes to me easily.

I increase the income irrespective of circumstances

Ya with pleasure I accept happiness and wealth.

I deserve on huge success, happiness and money.

I am an owner of my money, and they serve my happiness and development.

I always count on the big income.

I am part of unlimited richness of the Universe.

I feel safe, and god supports me me.

I feel how the wealth fills me.

I care that circulation of money constantly increased.

I spend money with pleasure.

I feel energy of money and I attract it.

I always have so much money how many for me it is necessary.

I know that money arrival always when when they are necessary.

I deserve welfare and execution of all a moss of desires.

I am open for acceptance of success.

I with pleasure welcome riches with which the Universe endows me.

I have all necessary for achievement of success.

My income grows constantly.

Money loves me.

I attract to myself more and more money.

My wealth is boundless, as well as the Universe.

I enjoy an abundance stream.

I use abundance of the Universe.

Money comes to me with pleasure.

I receive money and I give money with pleasure.

My consciousness is rich.

I attract money.

I am a monetary magnet.

God grants me forces.

I am grateful for everything to destiny.

The house of the righteous person prospers.

Space abundance is shown by a cash flow in my life.

Cash flows direct on me from the sky.

Monetary energy is inexhaustible.

My pleasure - to receive money, my pleasure - to give money.

The more I give money, the more money to me comes.

God is rich, and I am rich.

The success conducts me to success.

My God, grant me wisdom and Solomon`s welfare.

Rich it is generous, so I am generous.

I am Charisma, I am precious gift, I am a jewelry.

I am more precious than gold, diamonds and silver, I am a jewelry.

Generous God grants me abundance, success and prosperity.

God precisely knows where gold lies, He will specify to me an avenue to wealth.

I breathe air of abundance and I bathe in wealth waters.

God`s wisdom gives me the wealth which is not becoming scanty.

I am impregnated with monetary aura.

I am rich, my life is a holiday.

God opens for me formulas of money.

Formulas of money already are in my head.

Money - my friends.

It is pleasant to me to earn money.

I will easily earn money.

My God, bless my finance.

Light of abundance penetrates me.

I believe that I am successful.

I lead full-blooded life, I am rich and generous.

The rain of money streams on me from clouds of universal abundance.

My purposes are worthy monetary blessing.

My life every day becomes better and better.

I am a magnet for divine prosperity.

I am a standard of success and prosperity.

Money flows to me a wide stream.

I am the center of gravity of money, success and love.

Than more money, subjects in bigger safety I feel.

Money brings me tranquility and satisfaction in life.

I choose the quiet and joyful life filled with the benefits and abundance.

I choose such thoughts which make me happy and lead to abundance.

Every day my income grows.

Money go to me to hands as a favourite cat.

Money loves me and comes in the necessary quantity, even more.

I dare to accept wealth. I am open for a powerful stream of universal abundance.

I with pleasure accept the life filled with the benefits and satisfaction of all my requirements.

All my desires are granted, all my dreams come true, all my requirements are satisfied.

All what I touch, brings me success.

The benefits come to me from the most unexpected sources.

I receive the benefits from everywhere and from all.

I express admiration of abundance of life and I express gratitude for everything that I have.

This world - MINE!

And finally, wish: I Wish you the best investments and victories (with capitalization of percent :))!