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How to earn from subconscious complexes?

U of each of us are subconscious complexes and fears. Fear of death, fear that you are insufficiently... clever, beautiful, thin etc.

nobody will argue with it, probably, even most unselfconscious . And on use here of our such complexes the majority of ideas in the field of advertizing, PR and another selling " is under construction; something necessary something not absolutely necessary and sometimes and the most unnecessary nonsense.

Only how here to use this human feature capable, by the way, to bring big or very big money, usual to the person bloguyushchy or in general the Internet - to the user who even has no website (blog)?

Ways to make it - the car and the small cart, but I will cut out one secret now how to earn from it quickly and with little effort. Money, most likely, will be small, but at competent use of a way or use of rather big grid of the websites with different target audience can to run and rather decent sum.

So Probably, many paid attention that recently in many types the Internet - advertizing (Google, Yandex, the Runner, a great number of advertizing brokers) the set of the same announcements of type appeared:

Learn date of the death ;

Learn the ekstrasensorny abilities ;

Learn as far as you stupid ;

Whom were you in antecedents?

Well and how you think, why all this? And here why. These questions just also touch those subconscious fears (complexes) of which practically everyone seeks to get rid.

Scheme distributings on money in services of similar tests it is quite banal. The person who clicked the link is offered to fill in quite big questionnaire and to send the SMS for obtaining the answer. 70% of cost of the SMS go to the one who placed that reference according to which he came posylatel of the SMS .

Conditions partnerok are quite attractive and if you have the website (blog), it is possible also to attract referrals, earning lawful reward from earnings of all enlisted .

Rules of the partner program usually not only are simple, but also are quite democratic. Here that represent the rules of the partner program of one such service copied directly from the website of system:

What is authorized:

to Use not only our banners, but any materials (a photo and other).

to Use simple text references.

to Use any systems of payment for cliques, mailers, partnerka (including. trafbek from others a partnerok), banner, tizerny and other networks, the exchanges of a traffic.

What is forbidden:

to Distribute references, SMS, a prefix by SPAM.

to Register more than one account .

All! It is authorized to advertize the references in all imaginable and inconceivable ways, except spamming!

And how to earn now?

1. we Post the reference on the website (blog) if your resource on subject is close to entertainments, magic, health etc.;

2. Can distribute references to tests, that is to playfully offer them even to strangers on social networks, letters, ICQ, forums etc.;

3. to Extend affiliate links through cheap advertizing Tak brokers. ru and other means the Internet - advertizing.

So, we will sum up the result. These tests, judging by the announcements which flooded the RuNet, - business quite perspective, and even when will fall down the first wave of interest, the audience for passing of such tests can be found always and in sufficient (for decent earnings) quantity.