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Where it is worth bringing together guests and to descend? Interesting Moscow

Coming to the capital of Russia, all tourists for some reason go in the same places, visiting same all the known sights. The traveled all over tourist route includes the well-known Red Square, Lenin Mausoleum, GUM, Tverskaya Street, the Arbat, the Tretyakov gallery, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Ostankino Television Tower, etc. of

But there are a lot more sights which are hidden from eyes, and it is possible to see them, having just curtailed from the planned route into the next lane.

Here it is worth looking at the list of interesting places in Moscow which, maybe, are also not well-known sights, but

on them! Museum Russian valenoks

This museum - unique. It is devoted to primordially Russian footwear, a symbol of Russia and the Russian winter - to valenoks! In the museum the set of exhibits, since models of the 19th century to modern is collected. Besides, it is possible to get acquainted with tools of a fulling and to see with own eyes as the piece of sheep wool in hands of the master turns into a product of national trade - the Russian valenoks.

Address of the museum: 2 - y Kozhevnichesky Lane, 12 (near m Paveletskaya).

the Lomakovsky museum of ancient cars and motorcycles

Is it on Hugo - the East of Moscow, near Lyublino metro station. The exposition of vehicles collected in the museum is really unique! There is a set of ancient cars, motorcycles, bicycles and even automobile wheels, receivers, jacks and other interesting things from our past. Many cars once belonged to the famous people, and many are unique and unique.

Besides, I advise fans of interesnost to visit the museum under the open sky " Submarine; in park Northern Tushino, the museum of history of cognac at " plant; KIN (Leningradskoye Highway), the museum of unique dolls on st. Pokrovka or the museum of criminalistics on Petrovka, 38. Depends on in what you are interested, and the museums in Moscow will be! the Kremlin gas station costs


Opposite to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour on Volhonka Street an old gas station, only within the Boulevard ring. Gasoline is released only for cars of the Kremlin garage here.

Bridges of love

In the capital is several bridges where loving couples fix the locks - symbols of eternal love, and keys from them throw to the river. It is Patriarshy Bridge through the Moskva River, bridge in Kuzminsky park at the Big pond and the whole Tree of love established on Tretyakovsky Bridge. City authorities not only do not touch the fixed locks, but do everything in order that a handrail of bridges stood them.

Unusual monuments

In Moscow exist the surprising monuments. Among them the Monument to the first stool of the Russian land in the former estate of Arshenevsky on Taganskaya Street, the Monument to Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson located opposite to Embassy of Great Britain, the Monument to Lovers in the form of huge heart established in a garden the Hermitage, the Monument to Malchish - Kibalchisha on Vorobyovy Gory, composition Children - the victims of defects of adults on Bolotnaya Square, etc.

Look for the places in Moscow, and the capital will not disappoint you!