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Who such Robik Chyorny?

He is a soloist of the known group Jail . The main subject of its songs - Armenia. On a frequent question why, the singer just answers that to it, having come to a genre, there was a wish to pose as the inhabitant of Odessa or the resident of Rostov as do many - to these it would surprise nobody, and in Armenia there live people too and too there are subjects for criminal songs. Besides it had a certain offense for Armenia - mother. The circle sang about Tver, Tokarev about New - York, Zaborsky about Novosibirsk, Undrov about Rostov... Armenia stood aside. Here also sings about it on the world.

Robik in 1970 in Yerevan was born. He studied at high school even 11 years though then 11 - 12 - a letok was not trace, just the guy had disagreement with some objects - here and sat for two years in one class. In youthful years under the influence of Vysotsky and Shandrikov`s creativity to whom listened years with 6 - 7 began to write songs. Then served in army, graduated from railway school. Then studied much, but so finished nothing - looked for himself and did not find until music did not overflow it. Also chords on the broken guitar on the Yerevan entrances began in spite of the fact that it does not practice in Yerevan. In those days and the hope was not to register in studios. There were house records to the guitar, and only. Then already, after collapse of the USSR, everything became much simpler. In a large number private studios and new performers began to appear: Victor Ryabov, Konstantin Undrov, Anatoly Tovolzhansky, Alexander Bychkov... I had an idea to make the Yerevan cycle of songs especially as in Armenia it was not " yet; - Robik Cherny remembers. About it the beginning chansonnier wrote the song:

At the Cloth in Perm Lotsmen what is necessary,

the Ural cool men,

I Mischa Ataman rattled once,

Yes are far only these years.

At Tanich in Moscow Tree felling

Will sing to you about To Lepyokh and Tax

Is in Orenburg Belomorkanal

A for Armenia for you will sing Jail .

Robik in search of himself even managed to act in the movie Yerevan - the blues - there he played a small role of the vagrant musician. And in 2000 there was the first album under the simple name I live in Armenia which was published at the same time in America, Canada and Armenia. To Russia the album reached one year later thanks to pirates. Then the name of group - " also appeared; Jail . Reading Solzhenitsyn, to Robik of a fuse in memory one line - The Jail - the old, ancient, heavy Russian word . Really, sounds weightily, beautifully... The guy wanted to call something this word all the time. Of course, to call a cat, a dog or a parrot - it is silly and when there was a question with definition of the name of group, the doubt was not - Jail .

Now Robik lives and creates in Germany where it appeared absolutely incidentally and... remained, having married. The musician was invited with a concert in one Armenian boarding house where tourists from Holland, Germany, Israel and Switzerland had a rest. There - that he also got acquainted with future wife who arrived to politsezret the Armenian mountains. He asked it whether she in Russian says on what she, in broken Russian and with terrible accent answered: Malenki . Robik decided that he speaks, but it is not enough and, likely, it is bad, but in general it is possible to communicate. On all subsequent questions whether it is pleasant to it Armenia to what music she likes to listen the attracted German answered: Malenki... Malenki . It appeared, from all Russian she knew only this word. The benefit, persistent Robik started talking in English though he knew language not all that well. And half a year by phone and the Internet communicated. And then undersigned without wasting words. Whether it is good to it in Germany whether it is bad - Robik does not like to argue on this subject, only says that in any country there are minuses, the pluses, but the fact that life is much more boring there - it is unambiguous.

Robik is often compared to Boka what he answers: From Bokaya we differ with subject. He sings, so to say, on east manners, but nevertheless purely criminal songs. I have many songs which are difficult for understanding, without knowing life of Armenia, its traditions and customs . Often songs of " group; Jail foreigners call... Armenian restaurant.

Fortunately, Robik did not pass school of prison - such experience is not necessary to him for writing of qualitative songs. Only in 1998 he had to visit a pre-trial detention center. But business did not come to court - there were kind people, helped out. Just there was a setup, then understood that to what. He does not like to tell about it as it is necessary to tell the names.

The Russian chanson is multinational - in it its wealth. In the book of the poet Mikhail Dyukov Russian chanson. Facts, biographies the chronological list of performers of a criminal song is provided. Who is only not present - both Roma, and Armenians, and Jews and Tatars... And how many venerable performers not of the Russian nationality - Boka, Dzhigurda, Takhtakhunov! The Russian chansonnier Severny liked to do stylization on the Armenian harmony - Ah, you are my brothers Armenians, I will tell you one story as one my friend from Yerevan, beat out to one Georgian of eyes .

Robik Cherny has no music education not because that is demanded by a genre. Just like that it turned out. He always felt music soul, sang soul, paid much attention to the text and semantic loading. The genre of a chanson does not allow verbal nonsense, such extended presently, - in the song there has to be a plot yes such that tugged at heartstrings. Plus corresponding music and execution. To Take the listener it is necessary not a throat, and soul - the singer says.

On the account of the singer several albums. Now Robik Cherny would like to pay attention of the listeners to songs of other subjects which in its repertoire there is a lot of - for example, from 400 songs of only 50 works treat the Armenian subject. The musician has a cycle of songs on Varlam Shalamov`s stories, there are songs of very neutral character (about love, about life), there is a cycle of songs based on works Anatoly Barbakara, the former card Schuller, and also enough for the collection of verses - dedications to colleagues from shansonny shop accumulated.