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Windows installation and good mood. Practical guidance for teapots and samovars of


Here it also happened to

- the system departed. Viruses tried, or you did something - not important, a result all the same one: reinstallation. A treasured disk - here it, on a shelf costs and what with it to do - that? Here I will also tell about it.

Pervo - napervo turn on the computer. At whom it is already included - switch off, now include. No, I do not scoff - so it is necessary. Now there will be an exercise on speed of reaction - it is necessary to manage to insert a disk, loading from where - nibud still did not begin yet. Do not worry - seconds 10 at you is. That who was not in time, I recommend to refuse the help of the companion from Estonia and just to reboot.

Aha, white on black an inscription - for continuation of loading from a disk press any key ( of for disk boot press any key ). Where is mysterious aniky to explain long therefore press on a gap.

Subjects to luckies at which the inscription does not appear, it is necessary to expose in BIOS loading from a disk. (We reboot, at once and many times we press of Del and F2 . The window of settings BIOS has to appear. We find the " point; First boot device also we establish CD value - ROM . Where to look for and how to establish - you will understand.)


Several minutes we meditate in the blue screen with white a strip below on which unclear inscriptions flash. It seems that Windows all - was done by aliens, and Bill Gates just found a disk. There now, it seems all. The message ended with the person - from us wait for active actions:

To start the Windows XP installation, press Input . Ask - we press

It still what? License some agreement. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT ESTABLISH AND DO NOT USE . Read attentively, suddenly you yourself in slavery sell I here never read so I do not know what I agree there with. As you will deal with the legal (by the way) document, press F8 .

So, now is more careful. You see small letters? C: there, or D: who as was lucky. These small letters designate sections of the hard drive. If there is only one small letter (we will tell, C:) press Enter which patriotically is called Input, and pass to the following stage. The others have to sit down and think (it is possible just to sit down) on what of sections to install system.

Windows, in general, is not important from what place to be started, the main thing - that you at the " installation; incidentally did not remove excess files. Therefore if on a disk where you want to put, earlier something was, then after pressing Input surely choose To Leave the current file system without changes . Otherwise however, purity - guarantee of health.

One nuance: if you on the chosen disk already had earlier an operating system - the window with the prevention will appear: It is not recommended to Establish several OS on one section . And we a little also do not establish. We press C - and business from the end.

Following stage. Here your intervention will not be required, just you watch how the yellow strip creeps, and touch nothing, especially the computer.

As soon as yellow sausage will reach other edge of the screen - will be rebooted. Then loading will begin. Anikey it is not necessary to reap. All of you - pressed? Anything, repetition - mother of the doctrine. As finish all previous stages on the second time - come back to us.

Extend hands before yourself, look at them. With admiration. These hands just executed the main part of the Windows installation. It is possible to hang up one more plate on a door of the office. Let`s tell Vasya Pupkin. Junior manager and professional fitter of the Windows . It is also possible to ask for the administration an increase to a salary - services of the qualified specialist are more expensive.


There now, it already something similar to system, habitual to pain. Blue screen. Pathos inscriptions In a leg over time (already 8 years), Speed (brakes) and reliability (failures) and other modest expressions in the same vein.

Let you are not confused by the cursor. It is not necessary yet. You can play, leading round letters and bringing it to a green strip in a corner. (By the way, it is very fascinating)

the Secret:

When progress will reach the " point; Windows " Installation; it is possible to press of Shift+F8 - and the window of a command line will appear. Gather of taskmgr - and the task manager will appear. Through it it is possible to look at loading of the processor or to try to start games from the system32 folder.

the End to games - the window of regional settings appeared. Press Further .

Now time to point to accessory of system personally to you by input of a name and the organization. Let`s tell a name: Vasya Pupkin. Organization: Apartment Pupkinykh. Specified - now confirm: enter a product key. What key to enter? License, of course, which you were given in shop together with the computer. It at you on a sticker which on a sistemnik is pasted.

There is no sticker? Then reduce a sound and brightness of the monitor. Dip light and expel superfluous of the room. The following data are strictly confidential: it is possible to find many piracy keys to Windows in the Internet. When you flibustyerstvovat, track that the version of your system and that for which the key is intended coincided.

Name of the computer and password of the administrator. Again it is possible to press Further . It is desirable to put the password, only do not forget it then.

Installation of time and date - Further , without questions.

A meditation session in the monitor - and again a window. Settings of a network and working group. Too press Further both times. Then you will adjust.

One more reset. Anikey not to reap. Who will press I already spoke.

" window; " screen Parameters; and only one button. Windows will automatically adjust a display resolution . And what, it is possible to refuse? Ok . Ok .

The colourful short prompt and is not present, not all. You are welcomed by Microsoft Windows . Further , generally. Automatic updating can be included, and it is possible and not to include. Completely on your discretion.

We miss check of connection to the Internet.

Registration in Microsoft is carried out on a need of the heart. To me it usually does not order.

A name of your account everything that it is necessary for soul. Though Alexander II.

Iiiiya... all! Accept congratulations. Mine and Microsoft. You successfully finished the Windows installation on the computer!

With " questions; Why there is no sound and Why the screen flickers to address disks with drivers for the computer.