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On whom to leave the child? In search of the ideal decision...

So are arranged with the nature that the kid, staying about four tens weeks in mother`s womb, becomes with it a whole. Often the woman so gets used to the pregnant state that she on the eve of childbirth notices for herself strange thoughts. On the one hand, she cannot wait when its treasure is born and she at last will be able to look and press on it to herself.

With another - it is for some reason sad to it to leave darling puziky in which constantly there are some unusual and such pleasant processes: the kid will push with a leg, will show the tiny hand, will discontentedly respond on an extraneous noise as if will become silent and will try to understand what happens there, outside a mother`s stomach

To the birth of the kid now the most real, but not future mother, changes not only externally, but also internally. It becomes more sensitive, attentive, emotional While it holds the child at a breast, all the rest that occurs around, it seems to it such far and indifferent. The most important is her child, defenseless, favourite and such native.

Certainly, from the first days of life of the baby it is possible to speak about his temperament. All kids different: one quieter, others - loud and nervous. Someone feels equally comfortably on hands both at mother, and at the grandmother, and even at those whom the child sees not so often. And is also such which cannot do seconds without attention of the loved one on light.

The mood and desires of each of mothers do not happen identical too. One cannot even imagine that she will leave small at some several o`clock with someone from the family. Another accurately realizes that to it personal time for rest, some urgent matters outside house walls or, for example, work is simply vital. Meanwhile, psychologists advise to avoid illusions concerning the fact that at early children`s age mother has to avoid separation from the child at any cost. Here it is only necessary to approach this question attentively and after careful consideration.

In - the first, experts advise to consider age of the child and his feature at the moment. Whether the kid is able to creep, and he can already freely goes? His speech is how developed? Whether he will be able to put the desires into words or he should speak by means of crying? Certainly, degree of complexity of stay with your kid for that person who will substitute mother for the period of her absence depends on these and other similar moments. Important and whether there will be enough for it available skills of the treatment of the child of this age, or everything should be comprehended already in practice.

In - the second, do not forget that the real care of the kid goes only from heart. Let the nurse chosen by you have a wealth of experience behind shoulders, the corresponding formation and a lot of the best recommendations. But if she performs the work automatically, only for the sake of earnings, from such pastime with the child it is possible and not to wait for anything useful.

The kid can be fed, in time is put to bed, but at the same time it is necessary to consider also what discomfort or even a nervous tension he should test in turn. Sometimes it is much more interesting and more pleasant to children to be with the person absolutely inexperienced, but sensitive, tender and simply given rise for similar communication, than with the one who does it only from - for need and, as they say, gritting the teeth.

If you are forced to resort to services of the professional nurse, observe the child within several days after their joint stay and communication. How the behavior of the kid how he every time reacts to emergence of the nurse in the house whether there was it kaprizny changed, whether appetite was gone at it, whether still he well sleeps? It is important that the nurse really met all your expectations, observed recommendations and requests of parents, cared and correctly brought up the child, but not just came to the house for earnings.

Many parents, on the contrary, are ready to leave the child only on care of grandmothers or grandfathers. Certainly, in it there are pluses. Here it will only be better if the senior relatives show desire to look after the child. It is worse when it is not necessary to choose: and cannot refuse to you, and forces and health to potter with the child, is not enough.

Meanwhile, the American experts found out that the best nurse for the newborn is a grandmother. Having analysed statistical data, scientists came to a conclusion that the young mother who recently transferred childbirth does not possess sufficient experience in education and leaving, and therefore has higher risk to do much harm to the child, in comparison with own mother, in other words - the grandmother of the baby. As it became clear, nurses for the kid are more careful, than his grandmother, just does not exist.

It is necessary to tell, the British scientists are also sure of positive influence of the senior relatives on mental development of children. In their opinion, communication with grandmothers and grandfathers does life of the child comfortable and gives it feeling of wellbeing and safety.

Let you always have time and for education of children, and for own interests. Pleasures of life, bright moments and kind to you memoirs!