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The civilized society needs prison or life on the concepts ?

Prison - it the word are known to all, all know for what it is used, but it is good that not many are familiar with it personally. The prison was thought up by society of people to itself for the good to live it was easier and quieter.

Prison as the place of serving sentence for the committed crime, began to be used only in the 19th century, earlier people as a rule were in prisons only before adjudgement of court - it was the penalty, corporal punishment in the form of flogging, public works or the death penalty.

In modern society people know that the prison is a terrible place, but at the same time consciousness that the person the violated law has to be imprisoned surely, strong took roots in minds of people.

But it is known that system of imprisonment is ineffective . Here main reasons for it:

In - the first , growth of number of prisoners does not reduce growth of number of crime.

In - the second , notes big recurrence (repetition) of crimes, respectively the prison does not cope with the main function - correction of the person and his return to society by the full-fledged member. Unfortunately, it is not possible also for other reason - according to psychologists, finding of the person in prison conditions leads more than five years to irreversible mental changes of the personality. Respectively already sick person, but not the healthy member of society comes back to society.

In - the third , the prison is a nursery of serious infectious diseases - tuberculosis of lungs, hepatitis, HIV - an infection. Sick people, going out of prison, bear this infection in society.

In - the fourth , it is worth to remember that the people who were released live near us and about any public tranquility out of the question.

Very important that imprisonment is a terrible punishment not only for the convict, but also for members of his family are the broken destinies of parents and children.

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When society rejects

or discriminates group of people, in this group the subculture is formed. All know that life in prison is life under other laws , life with other values and norms, even other language there. The people who left a part of the life in prison bear this subculture in our society. It turns out that not society with the values influences prisoners, and they influence our society which begins to live on them to the concepts .

Russia and the USA are leaders among the countries of the world by the number of prisoners. In Russia this number for the beginning of 2009 was close to 900 thousand people. These are big figures for the country which considers itself civilized.

The greatest number of persons which to be held in places of detention is social criminals who were pushed on a crime by social and economic living conditions. According to 9 of 10 criminals are thieves, bribe takers, extortioners, swindlers who committed a crime against public property in hope for an easy and fast money.

At us was always considered that the criminal - socially dangerous element, but also prison in which the criminal serves sentence too it became socially dangerous because it kills all good that is in the person. The prison is not medicine for society for crimes, it turned into a nursery of crimes long ago. Therefore appeals of public organizations about development of other, alternative methods of punishment for crimes are in increasing frequency distributed.

If there is yet no opportunity to introduce such methods then it is worth bringing up a question of establishment in prisons of such detention regime which would not humiliate the dignity of the person. Then, perhaps, will be information with such councils less - how to survive in prison how to achieve appointment to the prisoner, where to complain if you are beaten.

Depriving the person of freedom, you should not forget that the prison is not the place of tortures in literal and figurative sense, and the place which is urged to correct the person, to force to reconsider the mistakes. The person who is not lost for society for it will have enough also year. Is not enough for others and ten years are already more hard cases, here it is about the people who stumbled but ready to correction and normal life.

Policy of war with crime which leads to universal imprisonment of all and everything, became obsolete long ago, it is time to pass to more humane and civilized methods of punishment, propagandizing policy of prevention of a crime and reduction of harm to society .

Possible solutions of a problem :

1. To remove isolation from prison prisoners, that is the prisoner gradually has to join in public life. For example, in prison of Norway prisoners have the right for holiday which can be carried out at discretion out of prison; also visit by relatives is not limited though every day. By the way, in Norway it is forbidden to show to mass media violence scenes, bloody infightings, dead bodies. Isolation removal also means transparency and availability of information to any free member of society.

2. To improve conditions of keeping of prisoners. The commission of independent European observers recognized conditions of keeping of prisoners in the Russian pre-trial detention centers torment. Our humane society, supporting human rights, abolished the death penalty, but replaced it with intolerable conditions of keeping in prison.

3. To allow prisoners to work for the future, receiving worthy monetary compensation for the work. It would help people to be arranged with life at an exit from places of detention, but not to rush again for an easy money because of a lack of money. In the same Norway prisoners receive 5 dollars for 5 - 6 business hours, they can save this money, and can spend for additional services, for example, on use of the Internet.

4. Only the people who committed especially serious crimes and reached full age age have to be exposed to imprisonment, other crimes whenever possible have to be punished by forced labor, a penalty, confiscation of property. Act in the Western countries this way. According to 2006 in England and Sweden the court to imprisonment sentenced 20% of people, and 50% - are fined from total number of convicts, in Germany - 11% are sentenced to imprisonment, and 80% received other punishment, in Japan - 4% are sentenced to imprisonment, 95% to a penalty.

5. To change public opinion and at last to learn to appreciate each human life. Mass media, authorities and we have to solve this problem.

The Russian society is not ready to refuse prisons, but and to change of public consciousness it is ready to prison reform.