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How to cook tasty soup from a bag? Soups that are on sale for kopeks in bags, it is simple to prepare

, especially on the packing the preparation method is always described. Water, pan and, actually, soup weight. Big expenses are not required. Filled up powder in the boiling water, waited 20 minutes, and it is possible to eat...

But it for the lazy or especially hurrying citizens. And that who likes to cook with relish or just wants to add special aroma to taste of a dish, can advise to cook soup so:

we Pour water in a small saucepan (well, here depending on that how many soup you want... We proceed from calculation water liter on one bag), we put on fire and we close a cover.

So far water is heated, we clean 4 - 5 averages of the size of potatoes (in a proportion of 2 average potatoes on water liter) and we cut cubes.

Then we slice fat (if is) or we slice brisket.

we put the Cut fat or brisket in a pan with water and again we cover.

When water will boil, we remove foam and we put potato cubes in broth.

Then we pour soup weight into a saucepan and we stir half ready soup. Broth has to be beautiful appetizing yellow color and have the corresponding aroma.

we Check amount of salt for taste. In principle, salt is a part of soup powder, but at an excess amount of water broth turns out salted insufficiently therefore to a dosypta its - it is so much how many to you it seems necessary.

Soup cooks somewhere minutes 15 - 20. And one couple of minutes prior to readiness for giving to our broth of brighter aroma and taste we add 1 - 2 leaf of a lavrushka and 2 peas of black pepper. Let all these together prokipit 2 - 3 more minutes and all - soup is ready! Bon appetit!

There is also the second option tasty soup from a bag:

We pour water in a saucepan. Besides, according to a proportion 1 liter of water on a soup bag.

we Put a pan with water on fire, we cover.

So far water is heated, we clean potatoes (in the same proportion again) and we cut them, on a board or in hands, cubes.

Then we clean small carrot and we cut it small cubes (so more tasty, than on a grater).

we Clean a bulb of onions and small we slice on a board. Onions and carrot we fry

in sunflower oil on a frying pan.

As soon as water will begin to boil, we put both potatoes, and onions with carrot there.

Slowly stirring slowly with broth, we pour out soup from a bag in a pan.

Is tried on amount of salt, we add if it is not enough, in your opinion. we Cook

15 - 20 minutes, minute for 2 to readiness we add fresh or dried fennel, it is possible also parsley - that is near at hand.

we Boil still a couple of minutes - and soup is ready!

Bon appetit!

P. S.: This dish not for economy of money in crisis time and not dietary food, and just soup for those to whom the monotony bothered and in the house is not present some meat for rich broth. There would be a desire and creative approach. The soup basis from a bag can descend for universal seasoning or as a cube: adds the original taste and aroma.