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What salad can be made from the frozen vegetables?

Easy and tasty! And it is possible to make it all for half an hour.

For preparation of salad we need what lies at you in the freezer: the frozen vegetables. It is a cauliflower, champignons and greens of fennel and parsley. Of course, they can be and fresh, it is even better, but also fuss more. Are still necessary one - two carrots, mayonnaise, a little vegetable oil and your favourite spices. From ware - a bowl or a pan, a colander (optional), a chopping board, a fork, a knife, a frying pan and a shovel for hashing.

We boil water in a teapot, we put on a plate a bowl or a pan in which we put a cauliflower and champignons from the freezer, we fill in from above with boiled water that cabbage with mushrooms were defrozen, and we cook. At this time it is necessary to clean carrot and to grate it on a large grater. It is even more convenient if in advance grated carrots already are in a deep freeze, prepared for the winter. We fry carrot on a frying pan with previously warmed vegetable oil.

By then when it a little is reddened, champignons were already defrozen and partially cooked, we take out them from a bowl and we slice small. The cut champignons quickly go to a frying pan to carrot, and meanwhile it is possible to be engaged in a cauliflower - it too already almost cooked. We throw back it on a colander or simply we catch from water. We divide inflorescences into small parts, stalks can be cut on several pieces. We spread the prepared cauliflower there, in a frying pan to carrots and champignons, we extinguish still a couple of minutes, we mix and we cool. For acceleration of this process ready vegetables can be laid out in a metal bowl, to put it in other bowl with cold water and to periodically change water and if you do not hurry - to leave to be cooled in the natural way.

In principle, this kapustka can already be eaten, hot or cold, having salted and having peppered to taste. But we - that with you do salad therefore stop to try what was extinguished, and that for dinner will remain nothing to a family!

While a cauliflower with carrot and mushrooms are cooled, we prepare salad gas station: we mix mayonnaise with small cut greens, we add to taste a little vinegar or a brine from marinated vegetables, we salt and we pepper, we put favourite spicy grasses and spices - basilicas, an oregano, ginger etc. Instead of mayonnaise it is possible to take sour cream, and also to add to this sauce of grated cheese. And here, at last, when gas station got a uniform consistence, and vegetables (I hope, they still remained) were cooled, it is possible to mix everything together and a tax on a table. As a garnish to this easy dish friable rice and other grain is ideally suited, it is quite good to use it also with macaroni, with potato or just with bread.

It is possible to diversify options of salad from a cauliflower, adding to it tinned or boiled haricot and paprika. Vegetables can be not fried, and to weld in a double boiler. It is possible to think up the option of gas station - with oil and lemon juice, with a tomato generally, every time to cook salad in a new way. Any hostess will find how to adapt the recipe for the preferences, and now - appetite pleasant to all!