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What strikes Vietnam with? Sketches from nature of

First of all, it is the most ancient country. The civilization of vyet arose davny - long ago, the whole countries disappeared, and the state of Vietnam stood in all wars of some of which all of us have an idea. The country borders on China, Cambodia and Laos that in many respects defined its history. Also the country was divided, and again connected.

Vietnamese in Vietnam

In - the second, Vietnam - different. One coast differs from another, the cities are not similar. The most tremendous city - Ho Chi Minh. Even Vietnamese continue to call it Saigon, Europeans prefer this name too.

Saigon remains the second capital of Vietnam - here and inhabitants twice bigger, than in Hanoi, and the economy violently develops, both business and tourism begins with Saigon.

The city with threefold architecture: French (since colonial times), Chinese it is also modern - urbanistic. But the architecture is not visible in the afternoon - and could, and very resistant feeling that each this minute on this street there are all to one inhabitant. And, all of them stay in the movement: on the right one million beehive on motor scooters rushes (or baizes), at the left the huge procession from bicycles, right there can insinuate the latest foreign car .

Schoolgirls by bicycles are very beautiful. And the form beautiful, consists of two parts, very womanly, makes impression of absolutely pure. What in dust and dirt looks strange and pleasantly.

And all somewhere terribly hurry, all have urgent affairs, focus in each movement. You cross the road at own risk.

There is no rest anywhere - neither in the center, nor on suburbs, each this minute all population is where there are you.

The center is beautiful in French, one Notre Dame De Saygon of what costs. The huge Chinese area is beautiful on - Chinese with the temples and pagodas. In the evening all this alternates life of infinite cafes - from simple snack bars to restaurants of the most different kitchen.

Fans of exotic consider themselves to have the right to eat a snake. Not everywhere, but there are specialized cafes. The live cobra, gets out of several in a cage. While from it prepare five dishes, the glass of blood with vodka is offered to such fan. To wash down the pulsing snake heart. Blood-thirsty gourmets are bent, but fulfill number.

I do not know whether Vietnamese of snakes eat. But here what they drink and what do tinctures of - it deserves the whole research. Such impression that tinctures are made of everything that moves (creeps, floats, flies) - snakes, by itself, worms, insects, bats, sea living creatures, even birdies. These tinctures can be bought also in pouring (as our beer) - cheap and it can be very angry.

And the contemporary history remind underpasses on which for diversions from the jungle to the city fighters of Vyetkonga made the way. These tunnels very narrow, calculated on the little person, but their extent - 200 kilometers.

Saigon lives very violently. And in other areas impression such that everything is continuously under construction, built. In the resort regions of Vietnam of feeling already a little bit others. The life rhythm more measured, is towns - the centers of craft and art, there are towns - fishing settlements. Places often very beautiful.

Foreigners in Vietnam

Meet, as well as in Thailand, Europeans who on half a year prefer to live in Vietnam: warmly, cheap, pleasant atmosphere. And live for years on two countries, plainly without having fitted into one.

There live also diving instructors. The infrastructure of diving is very developed, to Vietnam there come from around the world teams of instructors and up to a rainy season work in the field . Great demand, earnings quite good, here it is only difficult to get a family it it is impossible, more precisely.

There are remarkable places for improvement (around Chamsky towers) - with pools, bathtubs, falls, baths, massages, Spa. And, all this is designed not only for foreigners, but, first of all, for the citizens. And it is very cheap.

Crises come and leave (having closed eyes, we repeat as a spell. Then once again we repeat...). Perhaps, it will be possible and to see once more the country - it is worth it. Country of hard-working and benevolent people. Very quickly developing.