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Whether the Demon is guilty?

The DEMON Is poor that he has no god The DEMON Is joyful that the monk in the wood " is released; Led into a sin as the DEMON in a bog Spins as the DEMON before matins The Gray hair in the head - a demon in an edge

For certain, these sayings in which the word " are familiar to all; demon it is used as something dark, it is similar to the demonic beginning. However, you should not dump so blindly all sins on the old man demon . with

Initially the attention of the author was drawn by desire to learn history of an origin of this word, it, so to speak, roots. However the result surpassed all expectations, and value absolutely clear intuitively got to put it mildly lighter shade. Who actually is behind a " mask; demon ?

Recently more and more facts say that the bible writing in accuracy repeats Ancient Egyptian mythology, with only that difference that names, names of places and so on are changed. Nevertheless, it not so important from the point of view of chronology on which we will lean further. Let`s take for gospel the following several facts that everything was most clear:

For simplicity, we will take for the fact that the Ancient Egyptian mythology was an ancestor of the bible. Finally we will be needs only chronology. Also, we will take for the obvious fact that ancient Egypt existed many centuries prior to official emergence of Christianity, in which our mysterious demon was an opponent Boga.

Here also the most interesting begins. It appears, besides such gods famous for much as Ra, Bastet, That and others, in ancient Egypt existed god under the name Demon. Whom was a Demon actually?

Most often, along with other sacred gods, on the Egyptian scarabs represented the bandy-legged karlikoobrazny beings dressed in a lion`s skin with bandages from feathers with lion`s tails - Demons. Demons during an early era were zmeeborets, guards, and also patrons of women in labor and small children. The first images of the Demon were carried to time of the Average kingdom, however there are bases to believe that the cult of Demons arose even before Demons represented on magic staffs with the inscriptions calling it fighter . During later period they began to be trusted to be patronized also over houses and the estate. At this time in an iconography of ancient Egypt characteristic instructions on virtue of Demons, on their good beginning began to appear. In the same time, the Demon is represented with a tambourine in hands as god of pleasure and fun. Also the Demon was a patron of female beauty, he was represented on handles of mirrors, toilet spoons, suspension brackets and fans. The demon is mentioned in many myths and is represented on many known bas-reliefs of ancient Egypt.

Honouring of the Demon which took place during the long period (including, having accepted a certain antiquity and in Greco - the Roman Egypt), got even into a Christian iconography in the first centuries of our era, but over time was lost.

Simply, the Demon is an analog Christian brownie and nothing with the devil and a Satan it has the general. having Completely justified

demon the author in conclusion wants to paraphrase the known saying: The DEMON as he is painted " is Not so terrible;. to All I wish