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How to sleep to the newborn - together with mother or separately? Each of us perfectly knows

how healthy and sound sleep is important for the person. What to tell about the newborn who spends in this state 14 - 18 hours a day. The kid sleeps and grows He can smile, complain, wake up and cry, and in the mother`s head infinite questions are born at this time.

How to make the child`s dream the most comfortable? What berth is considered for the kid the most convenient and correct? Whether this or that bought bed suits the baby? Whether joint stay in a bed with parents does well to it?

One parents consider that the baby by all means has to sleep together with them and only this way. Someone is afraid that he will not hear at night as the child woke up. Others consider that for the newborn it is ideal option. The second principled stand is that the child initially has to have an own berth.

Each of these points of view, undoubtedly, has the right for existence. But also that, and another possesses the pluses and minuses. With what? Let`s try to understand

the Joint dream

according to experts, the joint dream of mother and child conceals in itself unique property : it stimulates optimum production of milk. Consultants for breastfeeding often even advise those mummies who have difficulties with a lactation, to sleep together with the baby. And to the kid is quieter, and mother can resolve the problems connected with insufficient amount of milk. It is considered that hormone Prolactinum which is responsible for this important process is produced at night. For this reason timely applyings to a breast of the baby snuffling near by help mummy to stock up with a milk the next morning. To sleep Then together - and it is pleasant, and it is useful.

Before the kid will fall asleep, he has to feel safe and it is safe.

of the Baby embrace, shake, iron, lull But even the most frequent and tender touches which the kid receives from beloved mummy during wakefulness, to it all the same it is not enough . And the joint dream just also compensates these gaps. Tactile stimulation provides full development of nervous system of the baby. To the kid it is quiet and comfortable and what else is necessary for entire happiness at this age?

Besides when the child sleeps near by at mother, she can better and in due time control each its movement. One my acquaintance, for example, told that she chose this option for the reason that her own dream was very strong, one may say, powerful. It was difficult for it to wake up, even when the daughter already began to cry. She just heard nothing. It was necessary to take the baby to itself in a bed. Gradually the problem was resolved

When the child sleeps separately even if and in one room with parents which was tired in a day to mummy all the same it is necessary to leave a heated bed once again and to approach a bed of the kid. To borrow continuous awakenings and need the child to itself the next night feeding, again to stack it on the place, exhaust and do not allow to have a rest properly. If the baby sleeps in a parental bed, the number of awakenings of mother, of course, will not become much less, but it will give to the chance once again to take a nap and to use additional minutes of a dream .

we Sleep separately

Supporters of the opposite point of view consider that the child has to sleep from the very first days of the life separately. Let in the same room, but by all means in the bed, a cradle or a cradle He has to know that it has own place where, wants that or not, it all the same will come to be during a dream. In such strict way in the future it is possible to avoid many inconveniences.

You judge, the kid who since the birth got used to sleep together with mother can take unexpected changes very painfully. Continuous crying before going to bed, frequent night awakenings, the child does not get enough sleep and in the afternoon constantly is capricious, he becomes irritable and quickly overtires Time it is hard for parents to avoid similar difficulties and quickly to accustom the child to sleep in own bed. the Habit to sleep together with mother is formed by

very quickly, and to get rid of it not and simply. Sometimes there is such situation when it is already time for child to sleep most, but he in every possible way resists it. He does not want to fall asleep without mother, it is terrible to be in a bed, others for it It still shares their family bed with parents, and there is also it that the father in general is forced to move, for example, to the neighboring room. One my familiar family with it had to face too. The son got used to sleep only with mother, and to the husband three years in a row were necessary to while away nights on a sofa in the neighboring room.

Happens also on the contrary . In those families where the relations between spouses leave much to be desired, a joint dream with the child for the woman - ideal option. Only being alone with the treasure, pressing to itself this native lump, it is capable to compensate absence of love and tenderness from the spouse. The child sleeping nearby - rescue from loneliness and excess experiences.

What option to choose for itself - to solve to you. Anyway, do not forget that the child needs special conditions . It needs a safe, comfortable and correct dream. Take care of it. You remember hygiene: in time change the bed linen and you lay a pure diaper for the kid. Air the room, avoid drafts, do not put a bed near a window or heating devices. If the kid sleeps in the certain room, do not close a door in time to hear his crying, or take advantage of special sound devices.

Sweet dreams to you and your children! Health and family wellbeing!