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And whether you know? That...

Crisis are worse than divorce: you lose money, and the wife - that remains! To make

of the husband`s lover also difficult, as well as of the lover`s husband.

Men pretend to be in love for the sake of sex, and the woman - in sex for the sake of love.

Well recorded girl, does not need preliminary caress.

Girls are very timid: having seen the naked man, they look down at once. When the woman tells

: Nothing is necessary to me it actually means − give me everything!

Can not lose to the woman only in one way: if to steer clear of it

When you marry the mistress, on one darling to become less.

New sins help to forget an old remorse.

Trousers are given to the man to hide the sudden desires.

Female logic differ from iron in what female does not rust.

Good office table is obliged to maintain two.

Create the biggest nonsenses with a clever look.

Women deprive of freedom only those who do not know that with the freedom to do.

Married men live longer, and single − more interestingly.

If foreign woman is pleasant more, than the, then you missed something in both.

If the Lord did not think up an orgasm, people would zatrakhatsya to death!

Over the years do not excite preliminary caress, and lull.

The person is never so sensitive, attentive and careful as when goes from kitchen to the hall with a soup plateful.

People are divided into two categories: one, having entered the room, exclaim: Oh, whom I see! others: Here I!

Art of the woman is in giving own harpoon for a Cupid`s arrow.

The is cleverer the man, the sillier him the woman...

Americans − the people are special. And all because all people occurred from monkeys, and Americans − from Europeans.

Women love geeks for the fact that they leave healthy descendants.

To lose the head, it is necessary to have heart.

The man is interesting future, and the woman past.

Putting on a wedding ring a finger, you do not know, than it for you will appear: ring of a parachute or grenade. God teaches the woman to look for

heart, and a devil − eyes.

Not all love an applause: the moth does not love when it is applauded.

Free cheese happens in a mousetrap only for the second mouse.

Woman − friend of the person. Even then, when it pig.

The is cleverer the woman, the more elegantly she bullshits the man.

The woman who is not able to cry − it is unarmed.

Force of injection does not influence quality of offsprings.

If the man calls the woman tender words, so he forgot, what is her name.

Life is given to the person time and that is casual.

If the woman deceives you, so you to her are not indifferent.

Laziness is a habit to have a rest beforehand.

The woman can never confess to the sins, but to the weaknesses -!

For novelty of feelings of the woman change image, and men - women.

Competently connected lesbian practically differs in nothing from the bisexual.

In show business the most successful idea was division of people into two floors.

Dating sites were thought up by Americans that we killed the time and atrophied.

The intelligent woman does not repeat gossips... She composes them!

In Russian 33 letters: 30 printing and 3 unprintable. The woman in love will forgive to

big immodesty, than small incorrectness rather.

If to argue on the woman`s acts logically, then will turn out totally ludicrous.

In spite of the fact that throughout the millennia the woman lives near the person, she is a little studied: in her behavior there is a lot more strange and inexplicable. Until seven times you measure

, others will already cut off.

Better seven times to become covered then, than once with hoarfrost!

If the girl gave you one more chance, do not miss it - right there leave!

Duration of marriage is inversely proportional to costs of a wedding. The ideal man does not drink

, does not smoke, never argues and therefore does not exist.

The person cannot live one: it is necessary for it that someone made the life of it miserable...

Revelations of dating sites were collected and prepared for the publication by Victor Anninsky