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The ATM did not give all sum. What to do?

It happens. Quite seldom, but nevertheless meets ATMs entered our modern life seriously and for a long time. The ATM - pass - the computer, the robot, without soul and feelings. Without evil intention it suddenly on your inquiry issues the check about delivery of all sum, and the crackling notes did not drop out at all, or part of money and remained in a subsoil of the clever car.

An immemorial question - what to do? Who is guilty - it is then What you will think at once of? In the ATM money " came to an end;. Logically. Here only the next client following you safely cashes all sum.

The ATM - just the device, equipment. And, as any equipment, he sometimes breaks and mistaken. Only from it it is not easier for you. In a pocket did not become a thick and is richer. How to be?

In - the first to calm down and not to panic. To collect the thoughts and to record all facts. The check issued by the ATM - your official document for the proof of the rights. Keep it. Rewrite all notes which received this most troublesome day. It is also useful to you for evidential base. Write down phone numbers and/or other coordinates of witnesses, all those people who stood for you in a queue and became eyewitnesses of shortchanging. The office investigation appointed by bank will demand their indications. Witnesses can not be... Then it is necessary to prove the shortchanging fact only with the issued check.

Urgently find phone of that bank which gave you a plastic card. In the nearest future contact the bank representative and report about the fact of a lack of distribution of all sum. About it you will write in the statement with the indication of a surname of the responsible who accepted your complaint too. He will prompt how to work further. Precisely follow its instructions.

It is necessary to phone about failure in operation of the ATM and then in writing in the nearest office of the relevant bank. The application form can be found in bank branches. Surely write the application in duplicate. One remains at you on hands with a mark of bank about receiving, the second - in a bank branch for decision-making.

If you owing to any circumstances cannot get to bank - send the statement by mail with the assurance of receipt. Keep all documents.

After obtaining your statement the bank is obliged to make internal office investigation, to check operation of the ATM, to establish the reason of failure of the program, to find surplus, to interrogate witnesses (if those are). Usually on these operations about a month leaves. Have patience. (However many banks solve the arisen problem during three - five days.)

After that you have to receive the official answer from bank about the relevant decision. You understand, the answer can be both positive, and negative.

If you do not agree with the decision of bank, can file the statement of claim in court. All documents at you remained, truly?

If the lack of distribution the ATM of all sum requested by you really took place, the bank usually always returns the half-received sum. These recommendations cannot guarantee absolute return of all sum, but repeatedly increase your chances of happy end of business.

In case of repetitions of such situations think of change of bank or at least of cashing in terribly earned in other ATM.

Business is troublesome, but it is worth fighting for the money. Desperate situations do not happen.

Article was written after long correspondences with bank - its central " ATM; clamped five thousand rubles The bank does not refuse, but also does not give out. And on the sun there are spots.