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Let`s prepare sweets from coffee?

About coffee exist many legends. One of them tells about the shepherd who paid attention to the quick goats eating fruits of an unknown plant. The shepherd told about what was seen to the prior of the local monastery. Since then the prior gave to drink broth of coffee fruits and leaves of monks that they did not yawn on night prayers.

It is often possible to hear a legend of the doctor and the priest Omar who lived in a cave the hermit. To it very beautiful bird flied. Once Omar tried to catch it, but instead of a bird in hands there were beautiful flowers and unknown fruits. Having ground these fruits, Omar began to add them to broths for patients who came to him to a cave to be treated. It turned out that fruits have medical force, with their help the hermit cured many.

The homeland of coffee is Kaf`s district in the southern part of Ethiopia. The Arab merchants, having learned about the toning properties of this fruit, made coffee a subject of the trade. And in order that quicker and more expensively to sell this product, they said that the one who drinks coffee after death gets to Heaven. The Muslim clergy pursued fans of coffee because people went to coffee houses instead of mosques. But the clergy could not stop popularity of the invigorating drink.

In the 17th century of coffee completely conquered Europe. Drink made big profit therefore statesmen established monopoly for coffee. The Prussian king Frederick I even entered a special position nyukhalshchik of the " coffee;: people of this profession went streets and sniffed up illegal coffee dryers.

Coffee gained the increasing popularity therefore, dealers in wine and beer, being afraid that nobody will buy their goods, paid clergy that they proclaimed the " coffee; non-Christian drink. Between people rumors were spread that coffee causes fatal diseases, and supporters of this drink assured that not coffee, and tea is unhealthy. Sebastian Bach liked to drink a coffee cup therefore in To the Coffee cantata he expressed a protest against anti-coffee promotion of the 18th century in Germany.

The Swedish king Gustav III decided to put an end to disputes on coffee and tea. He made very interesting experiment. Changed the twin brothers sentenced to death a sentence to the eternal conclusion on condition that one of them will drink many coffee, and another - tea. Thus, the king wanted to check of what product people die quicker. But physicians - to professors had to wait for result very long. Already and the king was killed, and brothers continued to enjoy drinks. The first the convict who drank tea died, but he was 83 years old.

Now not only drinks, but also culinary products, for example, of coffee cake are made of fruits of a coffee tree . Beat 5 egg whites, then a half-glass of very strong coffee you cook with 280 grams of sugar before obtaining dense weight. Mix the beaten egg whites with hot coffee, it is vigorous at the same time shaking up. Add 5 yolks to the received weight and 170 grams of flour, well mix and fill in in a baking dish. The form has to be previously oiled and sprinkled with flour. To bake at an average temperature. Cut the cooled-down cake on several layers across.

And now prepare the English coffee cream . For this purpose pound 125 grams of icing sugar with 4 egg yolks. In the received weight pour in a glass of strong coffee and a glass of milk, filter mix through a dense sieve. Warm up on weak fire and again filter. It is possible to add 2 teaspoons of the starch divorced sugar.

There is one more option preparations of the English coffee cream. Shake up 4 yolks and 150 grams of sugar. Gradually add hot milk to mix. Put on very weak fire, continuously stirring slowly. When mix thickens - remove from fire, add a tablespoon of instant coffee, mix.

From fruits of coffee it is possible to prepare coffee truffles . Kindle 100 grams of milk chocolate on weak fire, mix it with 1 tablespoon of condensed milk and with 1 tablespoon of oil to homogeneous mass. Remove a pan from fire, add an egg yolk and a teaspoon of instant coffee there, quickly mixing. After mix cools down, from it roll balls and cover their surface with cocoa. It is possible to keep truffles several days in the refrigerator.

For preparation of a coffee pudding dissolve 100 grams of butter on fire, add 200 grams of slightly roasted flour. Continuously stirring slowly, pour 0,5 liters of the boiling milk. Bring mix to boiling then cool a little, add 20 grams of ground coffee, 150 grams of sugar and 8 yolks. Separately beat 8 whites with 50 grams of sugar and vanillin. Now mix two weights. Fill with the test for three quarters the form for a pudding oiled and put in a pan with the boiling water - the pudding is baked.

To a pudding give gravy . Mix 100 grams of sugar, 2 egg yolks, 30 grams of flour, 100 grams of cold milk and it is a little vanilla. Mix a half-glass of milk and a half-glass of black coffee, put this mix on fire and bring to boiling. Add the first weight, all the time stirring slowly. Bring to boiling, remove from fire and carefully mix with foam of two egg yolks which are previously shaken up.

It is very easy to prepare coffee ice cream . For this purpose to bank of condensed milk mix from 250 ml of strong warm coffee. When mix cools down, fill in it in forms and put in a deep freeze. On a table ice cream is decorated with wafers and cookies, given in glasses.

Some historians consider that at first coffee was not drink, but food. Residents of the African tribes pounded fruits of coffee trees in stone mortars, then mixed coffee powder with fat and did small balls. Soldiers took these balls with themselves in campaigns as the high-calorific and stimulating food.