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How to benefit by today`s crisis?

all mass media at every turn shout Today of crisis, of its terrible consequences, of how it will concern each person. That all should cut down the expenses, and many are expected even by dismissal.

But whether thought which of you that:

1. Crisis is created artificially.

2. Will earn trillions of dollars from it those who created it.

3. The more people will give in to panic, the more these persons will be able to earn.

I now the most important. All mass media of the world directly or through intermediaries belong to these people. That is all mass media work for crisis and specially wind it. It is favorable to them that you ran in bank and took away the money, it is favorable to them that you were afraid that you will be dismissed. The more you give in to panic, the more creators of crisis will earn from you. You have to understand it. Most of all those people who are not able to think, make independently decisions and who gives in to panic will suffer from crisis.

But it is only a half of the truth. Other half is that we attract to ourselves what we are afraid of . The more you will think of crisis, to discuss it with the friends, relatives, employees, the more you will attract unpleasant events in the life.

The Universe very sensitively reacts to all your thoughts. Here you decided to cut down the expenses from - for the fact that around all only and is told about crisis. Thereby you block the monetary channel and really begin to earn less.

Or you begin to worry that you will be dismissed. And from you energy of fear which the administration perfectly feels begins to proceed. And if who is dismissed, then those who awfully are afraid of it. Self-assured and the professional talents of the employee nobody will dismiss.

It is possible to give an example. If you are afraid of dogs, all small dogs will run for you packs and to oblaivat you. But if you are sure of yourself, any dog will not even look in your party.

That is than more you speak about crisis, the more you are afraid of it and try to save, give in on provocation of mass media, the more you will suffer.

But also this yet not most important. Actually today`s artificial crisis is an excellent chance for all people to begin new life. Richer, full, saturated.

How to make it? to

When all around you only is also told about crisis, do not do it. Do not get into these senseless and even harmful conversations. They only exhaust from you energy and give nothing in exchange. As wise men of the people of the Maya spoke: Never gossip, do not condemn, do not complain . Here and you learn not to complain, and to have own opinion and not to give in on energetically devastating talk.

When all save and worry that they will lack money (thereby really corking the monetary channel), you on the contrary let in yourself money. Pronounce about yourself affirmation that crisis will bring you more money and opportunities that will be enough for you for all your requirements with interest.

Any crisis is an opportunity for powerful jump in personal development. Always, when we overcome difficulties, we grow. But if we only complain and hide from difficulties, we mark time. Therefore do not hide from crisis, and go to it, profit from it.

Dismissed? Reduced a salary? Deprived of an award? It`s cool! You so did not love this work and long ago wanted to be engaged in the business, or to decide on the calling and to replace the place of work. So dare. The Universe pushes you to actions.

Several my acquaintances acted already this way. They decided not to complain of life, and gave up work and were engaged in business. And thought up such business - projects which will be able to get quickly on feet exactly thanks to crisis.

Uncertainty? You do not know what to wait tomorrow for? You cannot buy the apartment, the car though long saved money? It`s cool. Invest this money not in what in several years will grow old sgniyot, and in what will bring in you the income all your life. Invest this money in yourself, darling / darling.

Go to travel of which dreamed long ago. It will give you the mass of positive emotions and ideas which will help you to receive the maximum benefit from crisis.

Buy the developing books of which you dreamed long ago. Play sports, self-development, find new interesting friends. Buy eventually what you dreamed so long ago of, but always refused to themselves.

It only seems at first sight that thereby you will spend money which were so long saved up. Actually, having received positive emotions, having loaded with energy, having received new ideas, having let in itself cash flows, you will quickly earn several times more than the spent sum. It is checked already repeatedly on personal experience and experience of those who listened to these councils.

Believe, the it is more weakened you will treat crisis, the less it will touch you. And what less you will save, that a high probability of the fact that your income will not decrease, and perhaps and will grow. And the more you enclose in own development, the more benefit now you will derive from crisis.

If you are afraid to lose work, to save, to refuse to itself everything, to come under influence of mass media, to be conducted on moods of crowd, then you really as much as possible will suffer from crisis, and all will earn from you anyone, but only not you.

So make an own choice and make the decision: to give in on manipulation and to torment itself with fears or to come to a new step and to receive dividends from this situation. Make a right choice.

Enthusiastic examples:

1. In 1973, in the heat of fuel crisis, the teacher of the San university - Jose John Sperling paid attention that the university was replenished with the age students wishing to replace a profession. The idea to develop the special training program for those who decided to replace considerably a kind of activity came to its mind, but the administration did not set in motion to courageous thought.

Sperling for a start founded the Apollo Group company specializing in licensing of training materials for traditional educational institutions and then opened the first commercial educational institution University of Phoenix which in the first year of training accepted only eight students. Now the Apollo Group company has 90 institutes over all country, its market value makes 10,6 billion dollars

2. In 1932 James Ryder left from a position of the engineer and enclosed all the savings in purchase of the truck - the pickup for transportation of garbage from beaches of Miami and delivery of construction freights in the Palm the Scourge. Two years later James bought some more trucks and began to lease them to other companies, including the local producer of beer.

After the ten-year depression passed, trucks began to make the serious competition to railway roads in a question of timely and fast cargo delivery. And with development of high-speed highways also Ryder`s business began to develop promptly. At the moment the cost of the logistic company Ryder Systems makes 2,1 billion US dollars.