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How to become successful? The formula of success of great women of

Read the book " recently; 13 women who changed the world . It is interestingly written, the biography with impurity of the psychological analysis of the personality is stated. Women are estimated from the point of view of the traits of character which led to success.

I read with the handle and paper and marked out lines, the general for all women. Also such formula of success turned out at me :

1. The first that unites all women - it is self-confidence , in the special mission, idea. Belief contrary to everything.

So, poor black Oprah speaks to the father: I will be rich and known the Jew - the emigrant Esfir tells baizes about the father the aristocrat, poses as the aristocrat and there is Esther Lauder. Mary Kay and Elisabeth Kleyborn begin the business in 50 years contrary to councils of people around. Margaret Thatcher in response to the words You were lucky concerning the competition won in college, answers: Not the luck, is a merit . All these women believed in themselves and trusted themselves, accepted " positions; there it is impossible and so it is impossible having only learned in it by own experience.

2. Existence of own idea , awareness of own uniqueness .

It is gift of natural empathy (sympathy to the interlocutor - in my opinion, a half of the Russian grandmas is presented with it, but nobody on it for some reason makes money) at Oprah Winfrey. These are advertizing ideas of Esther Lauder: to sell not just cosmetics, and dream of eternal youth, to sell exclusive cosmetics in expensive supermarkets (earlier it was on sale in special salons, so was at Elena Rubenstein and Elisabeth Ardenn).

It is idea to create special sets of clothes where things would be combined with each other at Elisabeth Kleyborn for the working women (earlier the clothes were separated, the emphasis was placed on clothes for housewives and evening dresses). It is a rich voice of Maria Callas, use of own beauty and charm for promotion of feministic ideas at Gloria Staynem (at that time these ideas were propagandized more often by mannish lesbians), idea to sell videotapes with aerobics lessons at Jane Fonda (to this video took generally in hire). That is all women had the pot of gold they opened it and developed.

3. The long incubatory period there is enough (different degree of duration).

Elisabeth Kleyborn worked 16 years as the hired designer in big firm, expecting until the son leaves college, and during this time recognized all cherished secrets of firm by modeling and production of clothes. Margaret Thatcher began political activity in 33 years, before married, gave birth to children, got an education, worked as the lawyer by the tax right.

Gloria Staynem, before becoming the feminist and the editor of the popular feministic magazine, worked with model and the hare in Playboy (what then wrote angry articles about). Oprah Winfrey endured rape, teenage pregnancy, death of the child, failure in career (she was engaged in political news and gave them with an anguish in a voice).

4. All women had the gift they are shown the door, they get through in the " window; .

Refused to Esther Lauder design of the stand at the French exhibition, and it specially poured the spirits in showroom. And as all visitors became interested in a smell, were forced to invite her. Before business Mary Kay dies her husband who had to conduct accounts department and administration (in what she understood nothing). She instead of refusing business, put to deal with these issues of the adult son and began the business. Margaret Thatcher, having lost one elections, at once proposed the candidature on others. Generally, everyone invented a bulb 99 different attempts (a keyword - different ) and on 100 - y time received light.

5. Each of women instead of fight against the shortcomings, focused attention on advantages , and covered shortcomings with other people (husbands, sons, lovers, colleagues, partners).

Elisabeth Kleyborn was soft, and refusals and a hard line in the company her husband knew. At Mary Kay the son was engaged in accounts department, administrator functions at Esther Lauder were carried out by the husband (at Maria Callas too), Oprah Winfrey failed as the leader of political news since excessively emotionally commented on them, but took place as conducting current - show where her emotionality came in handy.

Thus, the formula of success removed by me looks so: self-confidence, awareness of the uniqueness, patience, persistence, ingenuity, emphasis on advantages, creation of team. It was necessary to introduce these skills in the life and by all means you will achieve success!