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What is a swede? Part second, tasty and useful

The Swede - it is baked and eaten with oil. Put in broth and fresh Russian cabbage soup. Prepare sauce, a pudding, stuff.

Elena Molokhovets, The Book for the young hostess .

By sight the swede is similar to big turnip, its pulp is yellow - orange color. This vegetable is useful to health - in 100 g of a product at 40 calories contains: 2,5 g of cellulose and 8 g of carbohydrates, and also calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, besides, vitamins C, almost all group B, carotene, vitamin E. Vitamin C in a swede as much how many in a white cabbage, and - it is more minerals. Besides, this vitamin remains in a swede much longer, than in cabbage.

The swede is used in medical foods, especially at treatment chronic zheludochno - intestinal diseases (at sharp - it is contraindicated!) at diseases of heart and kidneys, and also as laxative, diuretic and expectorant means.

The swede can cook, be furnace, fried, baked, added to soups and salads (in a grated look), for example, in carrot with garlic and mayonnaise, or it is possible to make salad of directly swede , having added grated apple, raisin, melkonarezanny green onions, salt and vegetable oil. Mashed potatoes from a swede prepare as well as from potato, but I usually add a nutmeg. It is very good to add a swede to potato and a quince when roasting meat or a game. On taste she reminds turnip.

The swede baked. (The old Russian recipe from Books about tasty and healthy food ) :

1 kg of a swede to bake, cut off a thin skin, to take out pulp from the middle and to chop. White marinated mushrooms (300 g) to wash up, chop and roast in oil with two small cut bulbs. To mix fried mushrooms with chopped pulp of a swede and to fill with them a swede. To pour over the stuffed swede oil, to cover with a cover and to put in the hot furnace for half an hour. Then to pour in a glass of dense sour cream and to zarumyanit from above.

Cake from a swede.


1 - 1 1/2 of a glass of flour; 1 / 4 glasses of sugar; 1 teaspoon of ground ginger; on 1/2 teaspoon: salts, cinnamon, baking powder and soda; 1 glass of the grated cleared swede; 1 egg; 1 / 4 glasses of vegetable oil; on 1/2 glass: honey and milk; icing sugar.


In one bowl to mix flour, spices and a baking powder. In other bowl slightly to shake up egg, to add sugar, a swede, oil, honey and milk, continuing to shake up after each addition. To mix dry and liquid ingredients. To pour out dough in the form oiled and sprinkled with flour for cake (volume it is not less than 1 liter) and to bake in an oven at a temperature of 180 degrees within 30 - 35 minutes. Readiness to check a straw (has to leave dry cake). To cool on a lattice and to strew with powder.

On the website Market of recipes (www. bazareceptov. ru) I found the recipe

of wine from a swede .


of 2 kg of a swede; 6,5 liters of boiled water. On 4,5 liters of infusion - 4 - 5 glasses of sugar; 1 tablespoon of yeast; juice of two lemons and one orange.


to Wash up and cut a swede, to fill in with boiled water. To insist 4 days. To measure the necessary amount of infusion (4,5 liters), to add sugar, the yeast smeared on a cracker, lemon and orange juice. To put for fermentation in warm (18 - 24 degrees) the place. After the termination of a puzyreniye it is good to stir. To allow to settle draft during 3 - x days. To filter through a dense muslin in a barrel. To cork and leave for 6 months. To pour on bottles and to put to the cool place at least for several months.

A chrysanthemum from a swede.

to Clear a swede and to put on a chopping board; on the parties to put wooden sticks. Incidentally not to cut a swede to the basis, to use for cutting very sharp knife with a thin edge. To slice all swede to the level of sticks.

to Turn a swede by 90 degrees and, having left sticks in the same situation, again to cut it to the level of sticks across the first cuts. The knife has to cut directly, but not at an angle. To dip a swede into the added some salt water (1 tablespoon of salt on 2 glasses of water) that it slightly softened. To wash out carefully. To straighten manually petals . Such chrysanthemum perfectly looks on a dish from the land, or just with vegetables.

Finally - the recipe of infusion for cough , especially dry.

To wash up, clear, cut and to pass a swede of average size via the meat grinder. To add honey in the ratio: 2 parts of a swede - 1 part of honey. To mix carefully. To use on 1 dessertspoon of 4 - 5 times a day, irrespective of food, surely washing down with warm water.

Bon appetit and good luck!