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What is a swede? Part one, interesting and informative

The Swede should not be torn hands, from it it spoils. It is better to send the boy that he climbed on a tree and carefully shook it.

Mark Twain, As I edited the agricultural newspaper .

Having read article K. Yu. Starokhamskoy about tomatoes, I understood that I want to write about a bryuyuyukva... As well as my many compatriots and contemporaries, I did not see such vegetable in eyes, but for some reason it seemed to me that it something like the turnip used as a forage for cattle. With a turnip I became closely acquainted, being on " potato; after the first course at institute. As it will become clear below, I was near from truth.

Having been married in America, I with interest began to master food culture of the country, and began with what was closest to me - from epicures - supermarkets. There was a lot of any interesting - both familiar, and unfamiliar; for example, I was delighted as the child, having met the cilantro loved by me ciphered by the interesting word silantro and considered as indispensable ingredient of Mexican cuisine...

On counters near potato and cabbage the turnip which was one of favourite vegetables of my husband (and what is only not eaten by these Americans lay!) and something, bearing to turnip, only the bigger size and with violet outflow of a peel a strong resemblance. The husband explained to me that it rutabaga and he loves it almost as well as a turnip... It was necessary to buy both that, and another and to make mashed potatoes. In the course of cooking I tried this to a rutabag it was quite edible, but fell short of a turnip, taste was softer and not so tasted bitter.

And only recently after I ate, likely, about 10 kilograms of this most rutabag unexpectedly reached me - same it! Swede! In Russia often and plentifully ate this vegetable up to the end 18 - go centuries, before emergence of potatoes that follows from the saying given in Dahl`s dictionary - Bothered that a swede . And here in America, apparently on the example of my husband, locals with might and main eat a swede and still.

Having begun to investigate a question, I found a lot of interesting, for example:

The swede is a close relative not only to turnip and a turnip (again a turnip!), but also usual white, and also any other cabbage - it appeared as a result of crossing of these two vegetables, cabbage and a turnip.

It is considered that for the first time the swede appeared in Sweden in the 17th century (still in England, Australia, New Zealand and India this vegetable is called swede ) where it was called rutabaga what means - a root - a bag. According to other data, the swede came to Sweden from Siberia where (in the 14th century) filtered into age-old times from Greece, and in America appeared at the beginning of 19 - go centuries.

Though morphologically it seems that the swede is an illegal daughter of a beet and cranberry, actually not so. Word swede got to Russian from Polish through Ukrainian where brukiew represents the remade German Brake borrowed from Italian, and there goes back this word to Latin brassica eruca, as designates one of types of cabbage. " form; swede most likely, arose under the influence of " words; " pumpkin;.

The biggest swede weighing about 35 kg was grown up by Canadian Norm Kraven in the summer of 2008.

There are at least three holidays devoted to a swede: the swede festival held in the city of Kumberland, State of Wisconsin at the end of August; a swede holiday under the name Raben - Chilbi, more than hundred years carried out in the Swiss city of Rikhtersvil on the second Saturday of November when about eight o`clock in the evening in the city all fires, except sparks of the candles which are in hollow swedes with the cut-out patterns die away; a swede holiday in the Russian city Ivanov.

In the city of Itaka, the state New - York, every year, since December, 1996, in the city market competitions on " are held; to swing swedes - who katnt further - with rules and awards.

In the city Forrest Grov, the State of Oregon which proclaimed itself in 1951 the bryukvenny capital of the world there is an Institute of studying of a swede.

And, at last: is in a dream a swede crude or boiled - a sign of cheerful pastime. To dig out a swede in a kitchen garden - to receive new doubt in the undertaken business.

Be continued.