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What is is BAREFOOT - a krounoskopiya or How to keep balance?

Stress. Fatigue. Aggression. Fear. Uneasiness. Every day all of us test diverse scale of feelings and emotions which help or disturb us in life situations.

Often inability to operate the emotions does not give us the chance to move freely on the way to the purposes, and that the most unpleasant, is reflected on health.

Stress diseases, such as the increased arterial pressure, stomach ulcer, vegeto - vascular dystonia, migraine, sleeplessness and many other physiological violations very often come from impossibility or inability of the person to control and to rationally use adaptive resources of the organism.

It is easy to be reconstructed, pass management of the psychophysiological state, ability from a condition of a full relaxation to active wakefulness - here, perhaps, and actively use one of the most important psychological skills which the person has to seize since the childhood during all life.

Numerous attempts of scientists of the whole world to develop receptions and ways of management of psychological and psychophysiological resources of the person led to creation of a technique of biological feedback (biofeedback).

The method of the biological feedback (BF) was for the first time applied in the USA in 70 - x years of last century and was based on ability of examinees to randomly change parameters of the electroencephalogram (EEG) in the presence of information on their current values. At the end of 70 - x and the beginning 80 - x attempts of application of temperature and elektroentsefalografichesky biological feedback for treatment of various pathologies were made.

Over time methods of biofeedback underwent a set of changes, but always answered the basic principle: the patient has to see (either to hear, or to feel) feedback. Changing any of vital signs, the patient has to gain a complete idea what sizes of these indicators are optimum for its organism and to learn to operate them.

There is a lot of options of application of biological feedback. The part of them is used as option of non-drug therapy of a number of diseases. Treat them it is BAREFOOT on the basis of measurements of variability of a warm rhythm, is BAREFOOT on the basis of measurements of quality of bioelectric wave activity of a brain, respiratory trainings it is BAREFOOT, BAREFOOT for management of various groups of muscles and restoration of the lost physical activity. All these techniques, as a rule, yield resistant positive result and allow the patient easier to cope with disease symptoms in case of recurrence.

Other part it is BAREFOOT - techniques occupies a separate niche and it is not directed to therapy of any certain nosology. This direction of adaptive biomanagement is based on registration of an integrated indicator of a psychophysiological condition of the person. To technicians it is BAREFOOT this direction belongs it is BAREFOOT on the basis of measurements of electric resistance of skin (kozhno - galvanic reaction - KGR) which directly depends on relaxation level, and has dependence on emotions and a psychological state, it is BAREFOOT, based on measurement of temperature of skin. The skin is warmer, the relaxation is deeper that also defines the psychophysiological status of the examinee.

Despite a variety of techniques, the majority of them in many respects remain imperfect (difficulties in use of the equipment, essential time, material and technological expenditure).

Quite recently the St. Petersburg scientists developed the is BAREFOOT new method based on registration of change of a luminescence of an integument of fingers of hands in the electromagnetic field of a high voltage. The technique received the name krounoskopiya ( crown English - a crown of the category and scopy Greek - to consider, observe in dynamics, to analyze). Qualitative characteristics of parameters of this luminescence change depending on a psychophysiological condition of the person.

Further studying of features of this phenomenon allowed to establish that registration of dynamic change of a luminescence in time does possible use of a technique as the is BAREFOOT exercise machine. It is established that psychoemotional excitement is shown in the form of change of the area and intensity of a luminescence. Decrease in strong-willed motivations of the personality, emotional lability, dejectedness, aggression - each of similar psychological patterns is shown in the form of the corresponding characteristic change of a luminescence. The software developed for this technique represents a computer game. On the screen of people sees a vision (a butterfly or the submarine). The provision of this image on the screen depends on psychophysiological characteristics of a condition of the person of time at present. The purpose of this game is movement of a vision on the screen by change of a psychological and/or physiological state of the examinee.

Application of this technique allows to combine pleasant game pastime with such important psychological mechanism as acquisition of skills of self-checking and management of in everyday life.