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To grow thin by means of the Internet. Whether it is possible?

still call the Internet a world wide web, and this epithet is deserved as it in the world remains less and less the people who did not get confused in its sticky networks. We spend more and more time in front of the computer monitor behind viewing of an infinite number of the most various content. We work, we communicate, we visit the museums, we walk on streets of other cities, and all this without getting up from a convenient chair.

Sports activities to us replaced game simulators which we with ease win against the most eminent champions. To speak in any case, some of us and prefer to have sex, without leaving virtual space.

Naturally similar pastime, as if actively you did not click with a mouse, does not force our muscles becomes stronger, and a figure is more slender. And how many adrenaline would not be added to your blood at execution of various monsters in computer games, it all the same will not be enough to burn all that fat that you increased on yourself sitting in front of the computer. Mind we understand that it is better to rise and go to warm up, do exercises or to play with the child on the street, but very much, it is very difficult to come off hobby. And here at first excess grams, and then and kilograms fully seize a body of fans the communication Internet.

Until men were the main users of a network, the similar problem concerned only experts and served as a subject for jokes of jokes. But now, when by different estimates from 30 to 51% of active users of the woman, a question how to keep a figure, staying for hours in front of the computer monitor, gained due sharpness and the importance. The American scientists, having studied mountains of the statistical these concerning frequenters of the Internet suffering from a problem of excess weight came to conclusions, absolutely unexpected for themselves. It appears, your favourite world wide web can give help in fight against excess weight to you.

Many of us in a network have the second, so-called virtual I . We keep network diaries, we talk to forums and on social networks, and such daily communication promotes weight loss. Incredibly, but fact!

The truth it is necessary to stir in a network there is nothing in the head will climb up, and about things quite concrete. Get to yourself the Internet - the diary and daily, write down and subject to discussion of a detail of the diet. Also write down everything that happens to you during the day: feelings, emotions, desires. There was an intolerable wish for some sweet? Right there in the diary, share this desire with all, and it will be gone by all means, as well as was not.

Make entries about useful products and recipes of unloading dishes that your individual blog of food became irreplaceable assistants in fight against hated kilograms. Plan in a network all the day and estimate in the evening made on a five-point scale. Regularly measure pulse, pressure and the general condition of an organism, do not forget to consider calories. Surely write down everything in your diary and you share achievements with girlfriends. All this will help you to concentrate on achievement of the put result, is constant and without special tension to control the way of life and food, and support of your virtual friends from around the world will give you force for fight. And already through the shortest time, scientists are sure, your ill-fated kilograms will be dissolved in thousands of written words.