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Who whom perepikhnt? 20 years to attempts to push capitalism in Russia of

Twenty years in a row become attempts to push capitalism in Russia. But it does not climb. It is pushed, and it rests very much. It already with kicks is driven into 1/6 part of the land, and he somewhere to China or India gets away. Why, it is interesting. What, climate at us not that, people not enterprising or, maybe, push incorrectly. Half-heartedly.

No, of course, subjects - from the TV - still there is a wish to trust. They can prove that actually everything is quite good as it could be much worse. If not their correctly planned actions for rescue of the drowning ship which according to their statement at all also did not sink earlier. But it was started being rescued nevertheless and as passengers did not resist, rescued. Icebergs dispersed in different directions, the pure waterway and business seemed - to the boats floated, is now where to get away. Remained onboard will offer public works in the form of cleaning of an anchor and other metal objects from a rust. And it is correct. What in vain to do nothing.

At Roosevelt it turned out in due time, and ours than worse? And diplomas of MVA are available for ours, and at Franklin Delano of such ksiva and was not trace.

- What is a default, - journalists ask the ruined broker. - It when is no money?

- the Default is when money was. When they are absent - it is usual life.

In our usual life there is no place to reflections about macroeconomic miracles. To us to survive and perezanyat at the neighbor to a pay. It would seem what business to the Ivanovo plumber to Paulson`s plan for rescue of America. As, however, and to mister Paulson to the Ivanovo plumber, - you will tell and you will deeply be mistaken. Now everything in the world is interconnected. Globalism, misters. Barack Obama in the White House will break wind unintentionally, in Lithuania the course of local currency falls.

The innocent joke about arrival of the doctor is wrapped in a collapse of stock market. Pirates help with Somalia to the Russian economy, intercepting the Saudi tankers and cleaning surplus of oil from the market. If in the modern world it is possible, constantly living in London, to operate at the same time Chukotka, then what we argue on. The Ivanovo plumber is simply obliged to think of plans for rescue of the American economy. Otherwise he will think of rescue of the Russian. And it was already rescued. Clever uncles with honest eyes from the TV.

- We according to plan reduced ruble and winked, giving signals to citizens. When we winked, it meant - run in exchangers and you sit down on dollars. And who did not understand, we are not guilty.

Cool approach to the people. It appears, it is possible to explain literally all. Our government with ease will prove that 22=5. And in the years of crisis 22 can reach values 6 and even 8.

- We did not want repetition of the 98th year.

Is correct. Why to repeat 98 when it is possible to make the 08. Only original decisions. And that still will call somebody Kinder from there - a surprise - 2. Pleasant it is not enough.

- Now we will suffer together 2 - 3 more years. Together we will stand. Together we will win. Together we force. there is no

if together we ride with flashers, to have a rest in Courchevel and to light on Rublyovka, we, of course, agree. We even agree to pull together to a pay, to eat sour Russian cabbage soup and to light on 6 hundred parts. But so far it together somehow is impossible.

So far one at us push capitalism in Russia, and others actively from here push out it. Here perepy leaves such. Perhaps to cease to be engaged in this silly business and to invite it, this capitalism, to itself properly. We to it properly - and it to us with investments yes new technologies. Here still where - nibud to alloy these perepikhshchik.