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We choose specialty

we Choose specialty

to Many school students if not everything, it is ALREADY necessary to choose a profession. It is, in fact, a huge problem, as well as for children, and for their parents. There is nobody not a secret that mistakes in choice of profession are often made. Great difficulties in the choice of educational institution, a problem with receipt, payment of study and process of training provides many efforts What to do? How to be defined?

For a start, we will consider some situations.

1) Alexander studied at school quite not bad. History, literature, the Russian and English languages were favourite objects. He wanted to arrive on department of history, but parents were against. They dreamed to see in the economist`s son. Alexander did not want to argue with them, and his words: It is not my profile. I have entirely a humanitarian direction. I have no abilities on economy, as well as desires to study on this specialty parents it were not confused at all. They insisted on the, and achieved that the son arrived on economics department of one known institute. At first Sasha studied normally. He tried, but problems with study soon began. Its unwillingness to study as the economist was shown more and stronger until he threw study at all and went to army. It served one year, and was very angry on parents for a downtime in vain

2) Christina was never an honors pupil and simply horoshistka it to call difficult. 3, 4, 2 were its usual estimates Despite it, she was very diligent schoolgirl. It went all out to receive an assessment it is better. But, alas, a little from this it turned out good. It it is simple jagged the text, without understanding contents.

Christina dreamed to enter the medical institute. The dream came true, it arrived. Parents paid very big money for her study, Christina understood it, and very much tried. Only, here, to sense was zero It could not hand over session and it was deducted Christina endured after that a huge nervous breakdown, cried every day, parents suffered hysterics Now they needed only to calm her

3) Boris was always an idler. Studied, frankly speaking, awfully. Always considered that daddy to which it is very important that the beloved child got an education will pay for institute its rich. So it also left. Boris, which - as graduated from school, by means of the father entered the very expensive institute, and, having decided that now it is possible to have a rest, really good time and not to study, it is resolute hammered for study and did not even appear at institute, knowing that it will not be deducted for the huge sum of money, the left daddy. And absolutely in vain. Many such gold children make mistakes They absolutely forget about that why they came to educational institution that it is NECESSARY to STUDY deducted Boris`s

on the first course. It was many times restored, besides, by means of the father, but every time attempt came to an end with failure

From all this should draw some conclusions:

1) A big request to parents - never you press on the children. It will be necessary to study them, but not to you, as well as to work on the chosen specialty.

2) Information for children: choose specialty on the forces and opportunities. Do not charge yourself with an excessive burden.

3) If arrived - study! It has to is a shame to be that who lives off parents .

4) Choose specialty as well at desire and the discretion.

5) If it turned out so that it is necessary to study and work at the same time, surely select the necessary schedule of work, do not skip class, try to combine everything without special damage to study and own forces.

6) Huge responsibility lies on shoulders of parents. You do not press on the children, but if they absolutely got confused in the choice of specialty, they would be advisable napravitv the necessary course without special pressure.

How to decide on the profession? First of all, estimate the opportunities and abilities: what turns out well and that - it is the best of all? What could you be engaged further future in? You could study on the chosen profile? You on this specialty could work certain time? And all life?

Then, consider the interests. What would you WANT to be engaged in? As far as it is pleasant to you? You would like to work on this specialty long time?

Further, define the place where you will study. Whether there will be it technical school, school, the state institute, or something else.

Also, it is necessary to prepare for entrance examinations.

Do not forget about diligence and diligence. If you choose specialty which very much is pleasant to you, and on which you want to study, it will be with you.

Dear pupils! Make a right choice! Your future depends only on you! Progress to you in choice of profession!