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Vera Holodnaya. How, playing the same destiny to collect ten thousand grieving behind the coffin?

on February 17, 1919, 90 years ago, all Odessa was shipped in mourning. Both to Peresypi, and on the Moldavian, and in one thousand other corners, unfamiliar for our ear, pearls by the sea people as if grew old for one night. Only one word rustled on the sleepy waking-up streets: Vera! Also whisper as the answer to the password echoed it: Cannot Be, such young

Yes, this night not only Odessa in which, by the way, Vera the Cold vein is not much time was deserted. All Russian cinema was deserted (Soviet at that time only - only arose). She was called the Queen of the screen. The Queen, and from capital letter. She was able to awaken the true pride of that in spectators, as they belong to the female tribe, to a fine half of mankind too. It demented thousands of men who dreamed of that and their girlfriends and companions of life had a lot of expression, impulsivenesses, it is so much tenderness and not dissipated caress.

It absorbed love till the birth

She was not just a star. It was special religion. And, the right, is a pity that it did not live up to those times when numerous cinema-goers could hear its wonderful fascinating voice - Vera was a great actress still that, silent cinema.

Vera Holodnaya acted in more than 55 movies, but till our time remained only five of them. But even that the little that remained, allows to understand, than Vera so hypnotized the audience. Not only beauty, but also that was the most real embodiment of love - pure clever, happy and spotless even moral change

A unless could be in a different way?! When in provincial, in fact, for those times the city - Poltava - there began the joint life her future parents - Vasily Andreevich Levchenko, the graduate of the Moscow university, language and literature teacher from God, and her mother - Ekaterina Sergeyevna Sleptsova - the graduate Aleksandro - Mariinsky institution for young ladies, they first looked for each other rescue from routine, lived on reminiscence about Moscow. Lived not to the Moscow measures - what there the teacher had a salary in those days?

But poverty - not defect: the main thing, the love reigned in a family, and this high feeling penetrated each their action, each their gesture. And when Katenka became pregnant, the husband nearly on hands carried her. Every evening Vasily came home after classes at school tired (to teach Russian to pupils who talked in the majority only in Ukrainian, not such easy occupation). First of all had supper, and then always put the palm on a stomach to the pregnant wife and talked with the daughter. He told it all knew about: fairy tales, interesting stories from life of great and famous people. And for " company; all these stories were listened also by Katenka. Under them it it was very comfortably filled up with

Special Vera

Verochka Levchenko was born

on August 9 (according to other data on August 5) 1893. Two years later in Moscow Ekaterina Sergeyevna`s father died, and her mother persuaded the son-in-law to get over to it. So the Moscow period in Vera`s life began.

It since the childhood had an excellent appetite for what mother nicknamed her Poltava " dumpling;. And then it became clear - the girl is extraordinary beautiful. For what her younger sisters Nadia and Sonya always disliked a little. And still they noticed that Vera can quite do without little sisters, she read also years from six arranged representations for the dolls much. And still she was fond of the ballet and even began to be engaged in a ballet school at the Bolshoi Theatre. But it proceeded not really long: the grandmother was categorically against these occupations - did not stick to young ladies from such families to be ballerinas.

Or perhaps in vain? You look, and the prima ballerina would grow up from it! But history does not suffer a subjunctive mood. The main thing, as further in each its movement grace, grace appeared. It is what so will be appreciated then

15 Once - summer Vera got on a performance of the namesake - great Vera Komissarzhevskaya. Its game so shook the girl that she got sick. And the whole week it had a high temperature. But this emotional splash led to the fact that Verochka made sure: her dream is a theater.

Love - above all

Some biographers of the great actress sometimes are perplexed: why Vera chose the lawyer Vladimir Holodnogo? Why it, the chastity, fidelity, purity were always inherent in the woman with whom in a night many men were ready to throw the whole world to legs? Small asterisks of a platform which for the sake of momentary benefit are ready to lay out literally everything that have

In - the first lack them just today so, Vera built the family relations, looking at an example of own parents for whom such concepts as change, meanness just did not exist. By the way, and in Vladimir`s family of the man did not marry even on two times. If chose - to go if you please hand in hand all the way.

In - the second, Cold only at first sight it seems, to put it mildly, not more exactly for the star spouse. It was very original person who from the first meeting with Vera (it happened on its final to a ball) let it know that he will respect first of all her internal freedom. They danced all a two-three of times, and then he carried away the girl in a secluded corner and began to recite hotly to it verses of the (and as it appeared also it) favourite Gumilev. Her new acquaintance tried to foresee any her desire, and the most important - was able to keep mysterious silence if it was necessary to be uttered by it.

And, at last, we will not forget that Verochka at that time was only 17 years old, her attitude was under construction often according to books, and she soon assured herself that Vladimir her knight! Well and absolutely future groom the fact that very much loved cars subdued it and it was ready to give a ride to it with a breeze!

Sometimes and the girl can take the first step

business with what she did not bear also Ended with

itself offered the guy that it took it in marriage. The most interesting that this ardent delight before the knight did not pass at it and over the years! It could be a little indifferent, and the moments to love itself more, than its. It flew to it on the first call. Once, when it was seriously injured during World War I, she threw everything, than was engaged (it was already the period of shootings) and rushed off to Poland in military hospital to look after the husband. Nurses were surprised to her courage and dedication: she could not sleep till some nights, monitoring breath of the wounded. And out of any doubts pulled out it from a next world.

Absolutely only in order that it again, having hardly recovered from wound, having stayed at home with children, very quickly gorged on life and again ran away on the front. But such is destiny

If deeply to understand, then many roles of Vera Holodnoy at cinema were a little same. The deceived love, unfulfilled dreams scolded beauty - here three whales on whom roles which were offered the great film actress were under construction. It could not be pleasant to Vera - it seemed to her that it is worthy bigger and if Othello, Hamlet or the king Lear and other heroes of Shakespeare would be women, she willingly would play them. But at the beginning of the XX century, as well as today, directors were very dependent on spectator interest, and therefore further three whales business reached seldom.

At a fireplace - a star role of Vera Holodnoy

according to critics one of the most successful movies with Vera Holodnoy`s participation - At a fireplace peculiar screen version of the popular romance. The rich lover breaks a family and when the main character throws everything for the sake of this love, he turns away from the former mistress. And then the main character not in forces to fight - dies! The movie was so popular that it was shot from hire only in 1924.

You sit alone and look with melancholy,

As sadly the fireplace burns down

I as a flame in it, and will flash sometimes,

powerlessly again dies away.

You long all for what? Whether about last days,

of Full luxury, love and greetings? So what you look for

in the burned-down coals?

Oh, to you not to find in them the answer...

Wait still an instant, and there will be no fires,

That you were so caressed and heated,

I will remain a heap only of black coals,

That now did not manage to burn down. believe

O, the love is a same fireplace,

Where burn down all best dreams.

A will go out love - in heart cold one,

Ahead - suffering and tears.

Only from reading of verses a jimjams, and in the movie? Especially as it left at a turning point of history when the love burns down not only in a fireplace flame, but also in a war big fire.

is Four days old and four nights

B 1918 Vera Holodnaya moved to Odessa. She became not just an idol, but also the goddess for thousands of admirers. She not only acted in at film, but also acted in cold, netoplenny halls. Once the fever on a scene began to beat Vera, and upon return to hotel it turned out that temperature in number does not exceed minus of nine degrees.

Spaniard the terrible flu raging then in Europe did not spare also the actress. She got sick and was placed in hospital. Vera spent eight days on a hospital bed. The last four days and nights under windows of its chamber the huge crowd of admirers was on duty, people cried and said prayers for that Vera got out of death paws. Even the most fervent prayers did not help - on April 17 it did not become. At the age of 25 years...

And after her death the version that the French military attache began to render it the hottest signs of attention began to walk, and White Guard counterintelligence that the attache did not get under influence of red, poisoned the great actress. Most likely, it were just rumors

Belief followed to the grave about 10 thousand inconsolable admirers. This day in Odessa did not work any theater or sinema .

Vladimir Holodny could not take out death of the beloved wife. Two months later he got sick with typhus and did not even begin to resist an illness. For a while endured Verochka and her mother who died in the same, 1919.

But with us there were Vera Holodnoy`s movies and her image - the woman who never betrayed the love