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You looked Courage Star ? Our internal assistants to

there was such children`s animated cartoon - Courage Star . Actually, why was ? It is also now, and in my heart as it appeared, he took the certain place.

This animated cartoon western (American, probably). I watched it when in Russia the first videos - tape recorders and cartridges with " appeared; nasal Russian translation. I do not remember how many then to me was years, I think - from 8 to 13. Yes, it already also does not matter.

Unexpectedly for myself I remembered this animated film when began to be engaged in exercises for sight restoration. Now I will explain...

Briefly I will depict a plot. The young man - the space cowboy... Do not roll up, please, eyes who does not love a fantasy and animated films in general, wait minute. Yes, it is the fantastic animated film about some space earth or just Texas deserts so looked, but any fantastic pieces there precisely were present. So, the man - the cowboy was also called the Courage Star. The shaman - the Indian who brought up the boy, and then the young man gave such name to it, he taught him to all: to battle, love friends, to define the truth from a lie - well, I already finish thinking about it now)

generally, the Courage Star (I cannot believe that I write about the animation hero!) stops local criminals and Dingo dogs (then I for the first time heard this mysterious name of a dog) generally, fights for justice and world peace. And it has assistants, but these are not some fantastic friends or the special weapon, it is internal assistants .

When the Star of Courage needed to use remarkable force, but called those qualities which the shaman - STRENGTH of the BEAR gave it. On the screen there was an image of the roaring bear straightening paws and the man - the soldier became strong as a bear.

When the Star of Courage needed to use a high speed, he called other gift of the shaman - PUMA SPEED. On the screen there was a flexible grinned puma, and the soldier accelerated to limits, impossible for the ordinary person.

When the Star of Courage needed an acute eyesight (here therefore - that I also remembered initially about this animated film when was engaged in sight restoration), he called an EYE of the EAGLE. And right there its vigilance became unsurpassed, as at that free bird.

Still the Star of Courage had a special gift of hearing, but I, unfortunately, do not remember how it was called. Most likely EAR someone...) Here so time erases sometimes our memoirs.

To what I tell you about the hero of the children`s animated film? To show importance of metaphors and limitlessness of our internal resources on this example. By scientists it is proved long ago that the person uses from only 1 to 10% of the opportunities. And that it is stored in those 90% which we do not touch? Perhaps, there is unlimited force, a delicate ear, sharp-sighted sight and other qualities and abilities many still of which we cannot think.

The person - a being boundless. We can be such what we want to be, we have for this purpose all opportunities, it is only necessary to realize them. How? For a start we should begin to use them. How to use that, without knowing that ? Still more simply: use those gifts of the nature which are necessary to you.

You need the increased hearing, begin to train it, and your audibility will increase. You need an acute eyesight, begin to use your eyes for 300%. You need huge force, begin to apply it where it is necessary. Sounds paradoxically?

How to feel taste of banana if not to bite off a piece? How to feel a rose smell if not to appear nearby and to inhale? How to see further if we only read close and we look directly before ourselves? It is necessary to begin to involve what we expect to develop in itself. It is one of ways which I use for natural restoration of sight now: I look at objects from more long distance, than usually. Eyes have to adapt, get used that they are so going to be used.

Of course, someone wants to receive everything and at once: if we potentially can something, then it something now and to receive. But the nature, is thought to me, is very rational: if we need something for practice and life, it will support us if it is necessary for us same only for raise dust in eyes hardly it will be given us. At the same time there is a number of exceptions: if we got into the extreme situation connected with danger to our life or life of our relatives, then special abilities, high potential, comes to a surface instantly. With one but : then, having realized a situation, we lose these abilities. So, there are examples when mothers lift trucks when their children are threatened by danger, and there are other examples: people who long train and lift a lot of weight to develop the same abilities consciously - to lift big freights.

The nature gives us a lot of things, but only necessary is shown every day. Than more widely we live, that we begin to involve our natural gifts and internal assistants to a large extent. Let`s live every day with the maximum return to begin to involve not only eye of an eagle and strength of a bear but also divine love, merciful heart and magic creation.