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Whether dreams come true?

... From Rod the distinct memory will navedyvat the people, - who will not mention, that only the nature an essence. Three mentions a month present will be shown by Rod Chadam. To whom will not show - alas...

A mention the first is shown by blood pure and will sensitive. Who is nasty to will - the dream overcame that.

The second time visited Rod blood pure and will obedient. Who does not know will, the alarm confused that.

The third sign and that is noticeable who is tied by blood heavy, will of pulled together. The rage fierce on heart cuts. Who is already silent - not on the cards.

The first - force. The second - a lesson. The third - test. We designate - alas.

To whom the distinct memory is shown - will remember the law. To whom in the sleep - will remember a debt. To whom the alarm will be born - will remember deception. To whom the rage will come - hostility will be remembered. It is clear that everything will be presented, it is conducted.

In the third evening frosty notified here a right word will be born. Till a time of that - do not judge too severely.

Clear - it is conducted. Who great pain of grain saw, blood of that is pure. Ten days raise pains of that from the first half of month

Grew dark. The sun steadily crept to the horizon, and the mass of questions was at the tip of the tongue.

- Yes, day was given extremely chaotic today. I already also do not remember when so strongly it was necessary to strain the brains. And from where it only appeared, this GOY? - having leaned back on a back of a chair and, having thrown back hands for the head, in hearing there began the reasonings a young man, having stared in the monitor. - Also it should happen to me and at this particular time? And everything to it went. It is remembered, at someone from fantasts if does not change me memory at brothers Strugatsky. Precisely, precisely, how there ?

But at this moment of his reminiscence of what is written at Strugats -

ky interrupted sudden phone call.

- Fie you, frightened as. Here also do not believe after that in coincidence? - the frightened young man swore.

- Yes, I listen to

- Genochka, health to you! You what it so long you do not approach phone? Again it seems you sit in front of the monitor? Go though enjoy a seagull - without allowing to squeeze the word, Rita began to chatter.

- And you, expensive, evening kind. You, as always in time. Here I sit I brood over a riddle of one.

- Oh not to be suffered, quickly tell news!

- Ritulya, how to tell you? Here at our forum some wise man appeared, left the comment, here I over it also became thoughtful

- Yes will be enough around and near. You give tell that there he wrote. Important that or so - what trifle?

- You, the darling come on a forum - that and esteem. Do not hurry, consider. I will think too. And later we will phone, we will share result. Only you look, there it is necessary to think one thing; who the first, who the second, and who the third.

- I so think, time it is necessary to think, give till tomorrow conversation we will postpone. Everything, went to read and reflect. I kiss you!

- Here, neugomon you is ours. I kiss handles, - he said goodbye to Rita and, having put the receiver, added to himself: - And you are right, the darling, it is advisable to enjoy a seagull, - having jumped up from a chair, Gennady went to kitchen and habitually clicked on the electric kettle button as if by buttons on the keyboard.

While water in a teapot spoke hoarsely, he walked up and down on kitchen, shuffling as if the old man, worn out, long ago got out of fashion leather, former once house, and maybe street slippers which got to it from the grandfather and turned already into uncombed bedroom-slippers. Starting long fleshy fingers in the magnificent head of hear and scratching, as if massing the head, Gennady caught himself on thought that the wise man appeared in that time when he began to think of that, to understand as if a web of lies which so to stat disturbed it in knowledge some kind of.

The teapot boiled long ago, and Gennady even did not notice when the teapot button with cotton fell down, announcing completeness of work. Without hurrying and without taking out hands from the dense head of hear, the young man perplexed looked on the parties in search of a cup and tea leaves for tea.

- Eh, indeed, about tea leaves - that I forgot. There is no wish to go to shop,

and it is necessary. And can enjoy to coffee, for a tone, so to speak!?

Gennady filled a cup with boiled water, stirred, the coffee which put in it, added couple of spoons of sugar and slowly, tinkling it about cup walls, took out it and put on a saucer nearby as mother taught it.

With the drunk not enough coffee the young man went to the computer and having clung on elbows in front of the monitor, was run once again in the lines by eyes.

There was a new record with a question:

- Month that November or not? I receive mentions more than three times every month. Comment. Explain how - yes what?

At this moment phone rang out, Gennady picked up the phone and, without having managed to say a greeting, heard a familiar voice:

- Yes, yes, it I, do not worry. Decided what? Month what in the sky you see - that for those who do not know Rod, an appeal. Who blood is heavy, or bondage lives - only great pain will be that.

- At, unruly! - he muttered in a tube, but nevertheless thanked bright Ritochka. - I Give the BENEFIT! Apprehended on Reason a little. Further still a question and if mentions are given on all nine MEREZhKI channels and all nine Images Different? And a condition of a full otzerkalivaniye Mira Yaovi, that is reflections how in a mirror I feel, both an attraction Cola Striboga, and frays Marin Svarogovn for ears? Help to read...

- Gene, and, Gene! You what took a nap? And, understood - you to tea got drunk, you in heat - that also threw. Ears - that burn know why?

- I know, but now that is another matter - someone says about me.

- You in the sky look, stars - that how many as if silver scatterings, - Rita pensively said.

- You suggest to look in the Sky? We got used to three N N of N (I do not know, I cannot, I will not be).

- Do not make jokes, and argue! - shortly told how cut off, the girl, but having kept silent about half of minute continued. - That, bondage fetters split up an image, disturb. It is not necessary to hurry, the lesson in years of a measure has no. Krovinochka to a krovinochka a kindred blood gathers, boils, feels will. That pain great what to ripen from a half of month of the beginning, not in the sky is given rise, is only reflected by the sky. Vidan asked about numbers, to numbers of the account without knowing, of a month it is necessary to begin.

- There is no haste, realize, but I feel also Peruna Bosa`s Coca..., that behind Striboga Razpolozheno`s stake, and the intrinsic Beam is shown me, haste is a big hindrance I realize and there is no need therefore I see, not all LESSON of life is still passable in the REALITY. But why both color of an intrinsic Beam and the direction is shown where I should look in Star Not Demons that aside a source of an intrinsic beam to look?

- Kind you mine, the corduroy road heavenly is dirty, both color, and an ambiguity.

- Blood is heavy, the look forces. Heavy here. I leave, so far. Sweet dreams

to you Ritochka.

- And you to Ra of light, a cosiness in a bedroom, - gently and tenderly the girl spoke.

On a table and there was a drunk not enough coffee in a cup, and in the head a cock-a-hoop:

- Oh, this Rita! What she there about Vidan told? He asked about numbers, to numbers of the account without knowing, of a month it is necessary to begin. It means, probably, that ? Oh, shot!. Mesyatsepoklonnik from belief, the Lunar Cult the admirer.... looked, looked , the syllable skhavat in style ancient..., and here with the rest hurried to broadcast., at once in the moon also drove. And the account of numbers - the science is small. from three to nine..., all also came to an end., the same miss came out... So, it is necessary to go baink. Tomorrow is a new day! - already yawning, Gennady clicked on buttons on the keyboard. Having switched-off the equipment and, having wiped a computer table from dust, he corrected on the top shelf of a table a frame with the photo of mother. Then took it in hand looked at a portrait, kissed and told: - Mother, I`m fine, sweet to you dreams.

Having looked once again in the smiling mother`s eyes from the photo, Gennady for some reason thought that he not superfluous will be to deliver it on edge of a computer table near its headboard to a bed. And arrived. Pulled together from itself sports trousers, a t-shirt and dived under a blanket, having shrunk a lump as in the childhood, and at once failed in dreams of dreams.

It dreamed a dream full of questions.

Why to me dressed a ring in the basis of the first phalanx of a forefinger of the right hand? Why dressed on a wrist of the left hand of Kolo Sila Svaroga? Why arranged on a back the dvubratny axe from a forehead poppy-head to the back basis, along POZVON of a night column? Why to Bosa Kryshen presented Arrow Red-hot? Why on the left shoulder seated Bela Sokola? Why on the right side the White Wolf is put? Why involved in inside a spine column a thread difficult - wattled from a poppy-head of the Forehead and to cellar . Why in a forearm of the Right Hand built in Bunch?

For a long time was after midnight, in the house that opposite, the moonlight when the young man suddenly woke up as if who woke him was reflected in some windows. Having looked at the watch, Gennady noted that time was a half of the third, and the state told it as if he slept. Having got out of a bed, having hastily dived into antiquated slippers, he prosemenit in kitchen, poured in a glass of water from a teapot, rinsed it a throat, spitted out, took still a sip, and still. Maybe at mother what happened? What to me not to become an inveterate drunkard?... Well, of course - itself it is guilty, it was not necessary to drink coffee for the night! And mummy spoke to me, warned. What it I am such inattentive? - he thought and went to continue to watch dreams. Having whisked under a blanket and as if addressing the creator, spoke in hope:

- Help to read with your vision though I know - Itself has to read, but not All I know, but that Signs are.

At eight o`clock the alarm clock rang out. Stretching and purring something muffled, Gennady slowly opened eyes and slowly rose. As usual on days off, he was able to afford to luxuriate in a bed especially as in these days off was not at home mother because she decided to visit the sister living in the suburbs.

The cool shower made the beneficial influence on all organism of the young man, sweet tea warmed it, and easy jogging strengthened muscles. Here and all simple procedure on the first half of day.

- It is Advisable to call children. Rita, of course the girl reasonable, will unsubscribe, and here it is for my part should consult to Andrey - Gena thought and, having taken phone call, dialed number.

- Vigorous RA SVETA, Andrey, - he welcomed the friend.

- And you vigorous RA SVETA, Avidya, - Andrey whom in the circle children called the master Yoda responded on other end of a wire.

Friends got acquainted in teacher`s college when Gennady handed over session, and Andrey this year studied on a last year. With Rita they were reduced by destiny in hospital when both friends came to visit the sick grandmother of Andrey. The girl worked as the nurse in hospital in office of cardiology, acquired, so to speak an experience, preparing for receipt in medical institute. In the summer together went to have a rest by the sea to the Crimea, climbed mountains, conducted conversations on various subjects, but once, did not notice as, but were fond of Vedic culture. And was an incitement to this strange hobby, one interesting book which was at their disposal during holiday at the owner of that hotel case in which they stopped for rest five years ago. As it appeared at the hostess of the seaside town, Lyubov Ivanovny, nobody knows, but the elderly woman of years of sixty, said that very long ago at it this book became dusty on a book shelf among other which by absent-mindedness are left by visitors lodgers - as it was expressed.

- And the book - that this, is worth a lot, - she when she noticed that friends consider the old shabby book with interest mentioned. - I, began to read it and the font is very small, and beyond the years

to me rebuses of life to guess. If it is interesting to you, children, esteem and accurately deliver to

into place where took.

Holiday past quickly. Came it is time to gather home, in a way back, here - that Lyubov Ivanovna also began to fuss. From the observant woman did not take cover; interest of young people in the ancient book, their discussions, especially internally desire to longer hold at itself this treasure of old times. And contrary to everything, the hostess at the last minute at farewell to the amicable company of young people, stretched a parcel to Andrey in hands with words:

- I do not know who left it, do not know for what purpose, but I know one - not for nothing she waited for you so many years, children. I understood it only yesterday. Take, take! Also there is nothing to thank! Dreams come true!