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How to conceive the astronaut, the president, the plumber?

broadcast Recently that as a result of a number of the researches conducted, in my opinion, in Denmark, scientists came to a conclusion that the place of conception of the person exerts a certain impact on professional tendencies of future child. That is, influences the craft chosen by it when he becomes an adult. Thus, it is possible to try to see to it about the child`s profession, already at a conception stage in advance.

For example, people with art mentality if they like to be artists, to create landscapes, to draw portraits, to display on a canvas of a moment of life, have to make conception not of ABBA where, and in an art situation. As it is represented to me, it is the best of all to do it among the numerous pictures and sketches hanged on walls. In the course of conception it is desirable to look at some picture of the great artist. For example, on Gioconda. I would not recommend to look at Malevich`s picture Black square as the child can turn out not a pink-checked kruglyash, but the square bull with dark essence because still nobody knows precisely that Malevich when created " put in the work; Black square .

Yes, you will be soiled in paints, is very inconvenient to mow with eyes all the time for a picture in process, the neck will become numb, maybe, even it should be steamed and massed to return it a former sharnirnost. But business is worth it. Because the conceived future artist will be able to see and report then a charm of any flower or a butterfly, but not a dollar piece of paper. Because, probably, will also be more joyful in life. It is capable to absorb beauty and itself it is more beautiful to become.

Who in the childhood at least once did not dream to become an astronaut! Or pilot. Whether and many became? No. That the astronaut, the pilot turned out as it is represented to me, it is the best of all to be loved in air, in flight. It can be the plane, the airship, the helicopter and everything that flies. It is the most difficult to conceive future astronaut during planning on a hang-glider and parachute jump. Yes, you - in air, in flight. I saw various tremendous figures from parachutists in the form of a star, a circle. But here that conception with parachutes - is not present. It does not mean that it is impossible. Once the person was not able to fly on anything at all. It is not necessary to conceive in a toilet cabin of the plane. Flight - is, agrees, but the plumber, but not the pilot or the astronaut can turn out.

Too it is quite good to be the plumber. Its services are always demanded. If there is a dynasty of plumbers - it is very good. In any case, without piece of bread future person will not remain.

Why there are a lot of drivers in the USA? From it is small to most is big - all driving. Yes because very many Americans were conceived on back sitting of cars of their parents.

If you want the athlete, the cyclist, for example, that should try to be made the child on a bicycle seat. On the run it will not turn out, but here in shady park, far from curious eyes, quite possibly.

If there is a wish to make the academician, then according to this scheme it is necessary to have, at least, continuous access in academy, plus to be, at least, an associate professor. Or dotsentka. In such cases of one place it is not enough, important still quality of initial material.

If you admire idols of a platform, then it is better to conceive future singer or the musician under loud music. And not modern performers. And that here is a song, I do not remember who sings:

Well you are terrible such! You are such terrible!

I not made up terrible! And made up! .

If to do children under such song, then and the result is unpredictable. Paint then such fruit of love though the best cosmetics - the result, most likely, will be unenviable. Therefore it is necessary to choose classics. All significant musicians on it studied. It is very important.

It is not necessary to be loved in a utility room of wine shop because the boozer or the ordinary shop assistant besides of wine shop can turn out with high probability. The director - hardly. The office is for this purpose necessary, at least. And with good, expensive office furniture.

It is the simplest to conceive the idler - just soft sofa, a feather-bed, yawning, the slow movements at conception, with pauses is for this purpose necessary. But it is a way to obesity and inefficient life of future person.

To conceive future president, the only intuitive recommendation - it is necessary to be born in certain regions of the country. It is, first of all, about the handsome - the city of St. Petersburg, or in free Ekaterinburgshchina (Sverdlovsk region), or, at the worst, on hospitable Stavropol Territory. Other regions have obviously smaller chances to give to the country of the largest politician.

To close up the writer or the journalist, by this technique it is necessary to be widely-read, to be imposed with books and newspapers in the course of conception, and not shirpotrebny authors, but the real and conventional talents. I believe, the speech goes about classics again.

Cooks well turn out among frying pans, seasonings, pieces of meat and sauces. But not on the heated plate as it is almost impossible, painfully, flammablly, and besides the firefighter can turn out. The firefighter - a noble profession. But if the purpose to make the cook - aromas of dishes are important here.

If the successor of a dynasty of electricians is necessary - it is very dangerous too. Especially having access to high-voltage tension. But pay them most. It is fair. As I assume, it is necessary to do future master in wires, chandeliers and sockets by the light of tens of lamps. Electric because by the light of usual candles the director of a candle zavodik can turn out. But it is already a question of the choice.

It is necessary to avoid any contacts in toilets: the zasra can turn out ordinary... Or rather, not really clean both internally, and externally, person.

Thus, any profession can try to give birth to the person practically. There is no guarantee for success in this case, but probability of hit in point nevertheless above, than uncontrolled conception in any suitable and improper place. Now the state suffers a serious shortage of working hands and builders so for the benefit of the country to conceive children at plants, factories, workshops. On buildings.

Any managers, businessmen, secretaries and sellers - a dime a dozen, their surplus. So it is possible and it is necessary to think of competitiveness in labor market of yet not born children already now.

These recommendations are not medical. They more likely philosophical and intuitive. Crazy? Perhaps, perhaps. But how many in the history of examples when intuitive opening in science, medicine, astronautics considered unreal, and then time disproved these estimates! The earth - that, eventually, was round.