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How to learn to operate own life?

Gloomy morning, not time-dependent years Fear, catching and paralyzing will There is no desire even to move a hand, a leg Again there is no wish to rise and somewhere to go. What for? Where I go? As such life bothered Gray everyday life, from year to year nothing changes Why so I depend on circumstances, time and even the chief? Whether there is exit?

An exit is always! And if such thoughts began to crowd in the head, it is time to begin treatment. Alas, time of prevention is missed.

the First step

to Understand that nobody, except you, is guilty of today`s state. Neither state, nor government, nor parents, nor boss, nor time, nor age. Only you are! The step is difficult. It is painful to take the responsibility for own life. Especially if never nothing similar bothered. But without it to pass to the second step there is no sense. It as a children`s pyramid - at first a wide castor, and then all others.

the Second step

Understanding that so it is impossible to live simply further. And the first sign of this phenomenon - when we begin to think of meaning of life, of correctly chosen vector of own development. After acceptance of responsibility for own life on yourself (see the first step) you begin to understand very clearly that if I am an owner of the life - means, all in my hands and only I can change something in what is not pleasant to me. I operate own life.

the Third step

we Begin to change something. At first in small. At least image, work, apartment. That is we begin to choose the new environment. The habitat. You do not like dirt at an entrance? And what personally you made that it became purer? Perhaps, you were tired of monotony of everyday life? What ideas on creative approach to model of own life? What in it is not enough? For a start let there will be little changes. Though the cardinal shift of development often yielded excellent results.

If you the conservative person and innovative ideas frighten you - serious changes can bring a dissonance. Do small short steps and try to feel a high, to catch pleasure from any process. It is also a tiny victory, leaving from a dullness and scarcity of existence. Over time process of changes will be to the taste to you! You will open in yourself unknown a presentiment something considerable and the greatest hitherto. Even if not to notice people around of it, it will be only your victory, a reason victory over daily occurrence. And then you will begin to enjoy at all. And each your action will be with the quality mark. From each process you will take pleasure. You do not trust? Try! the Fourth step

Fix by

the got experience. You praise yourself for each own victory, you give yourself for memory something essential. Try to notice all changes, let small, let tiny, but such desired and only yours!

From own experience I know that the most difficult is to begin, to take the very first step. And at anything here Mondays, change of year or season. Just the boiling point of reason is not reached. There are forces a leak on gray, poor, however the life created by that own hands so far. The main thing - to extend itself from this bog. Difficult! I know I do not want to live so more! Here from here it is also worth dancing a waltz of the new life.

How to induce itself something to do? About it other article.