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Electronic money, also as well as real, it is possible to put on the deposit in electronic bank. Such service is provided, for example, by the same Ua - money (www. ua - money. com). Here it is possible to place means both in hryvnias, and in dollars. About 10% at a contribution in dollars and about 20% - at a contribution in hryvnias. Considering that factor that Ua - money - the official Ukrainian system of electronic payments working with real banks can be to some extent quiet concerning its reliability. In any case, fraud is excluded at least.

Exist also the Internet - banks and out of systems of electronic payments. For example, the Moscow Provence - the bank living to the following address: www. probanc. ru. On the website it is possible to see the real address and phone of office, number of the license is specified. The project exists not the first year that also goes a bull trust to it. Deposits are accepted in rubles and dollars under 36% and 10% per annum respectively. Deposits are accepted for a period of 1 month, but with a possibility of reusable free extension. In case of not extension money is automatically transferred to the purse specified at registration in the WebMoney system. At the moment, in connection with an unstable situation in the financial market, reception of new deposits is temporarily stopped that can also testify to decency of bank.

Still depository services are offered by many of so-called sponsors. As a rule, under 10% a month. Profitability level, of course, significantly higher, than in the projects mentioned above, however and risk is significantly higher. From the checked sponsors offering services of depositary it is possible to allocate Kazakh the located at beast. kz. To the address it is clear that it is in Kazakhstan. From - for the location he also received the name " in common people; Kazakh . The project exists not the first year, has several subprojects in which development means of investors are invested. At the moment there are no claims in respect of payments. But there are no guarantees, certainly, and concerning what so will be always.

Investment into the Internet - business

can find

a set of offers to invest electronic money in development of this or that the Internet - business In the Internet. As a rule, similar offers proceed from owners of this business. Business can be various: sponsors, a casino, the Internet - shops, auctions etc. And all these offers have one indispensable similarity: extreme unreliability. Not the fact, of course, that all these offers are the next intrigues from swindlers and which are eager to seize your blood, but, nevertheless, is not present also 30% in favor of the return. This type of investment can be carried to gambling, to a lottery more likely. Will carry - you will get on the honest person who besides still will manage to realize the business - idea, without having suffered at the same time financial crash, - receive back both the blood, and due to you percent. Will not carry - well, to you will wave good-bye the handle and will go further to look for so trustful investors .

of Hiipy

About hiipa (hiip) called in common people hapam perhaps, and it is not necessary to write you. About them so much pisano that hardly here it is possible to add something new. The name eloquently speaks for itself: high-profitable investment online project. Existence of high profit speaks, at least, about so high risk. And taking into account the fact that all this the action takes place in the Internet, the risk doubles or even trebles. Organizers such investment - projects, as a rule, write on the websites that the made investments are invested in development any the Internet - business or the owner investment - fund scrolls them at the Forex exchange, assuring at the same time that it has an extensive experience of business management at this exchange thanks to what the risk decreases nearly to zero. Actually nobody knows what happens to the money passing into the order investment - fund. Cases when this money a forward stroke goes to a purse of the owner of the project on which filling on the website the message on bankruptcy of the project appears are frequent, or the website simply stops the existence.

Also the reverse situation when money really begins to address at the Forex exchange is possible. However you should not forget that only 10% of bidders at this exchange appear in profit. Not the fact that the person to whom you allow to perform the corresponding operations with your money despite all his assurances concerning qualification, will manage - to get to these most 10%. The Forex exchange is too more likely a lottery, than investment. And transfer of money to a third party for manipulations with them at this exchange - a lottery doubly. It is worth thinking well before risking. And if so there is a wish to risk, then it is better most to play at this exchange - then in case of a failure though the reason of it will be obvious.

And, summing up the results of all aforesaid, it is possible to draw the following conclusion: it is how less than the sum with which it is possible to begin to invest on the Internet (choosing at the same time exclusively network investments), the risk of these projects in comparison with the real investments is so higher. And what in this regard to prefer - especially personal choice of everyone.