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Investment into the Internet? The exchanges of actions and crediting of

What happen investments into Networks?

Network investments can be shared into the following subcategories: game at the exchanges of actions, crediting, depositary, investment into the Internet - business, hiipa. Here that are these types of network investment.

of the Exchange of actions

On the Internet is, so to say, the facilitated stock exchanges. They are called still the exchanges of actions. At these exchanges, as well as on their real analogs, it is also possible to get and sell shares. As a rule, it is stocks of online projects. Though sometimes it is possible to meet also stocks of the real-life companies. Trade happens for units of electronic currency. If it is about a RuNet, then most often it is WebMoney. To become the participant of this auction, it is only enough to be registered on the website of the exchange, to transfer a certain sum to the account of the account and to begin to take shares.

One of options of such exchange is to the following address: wmdiler. com. The project exists several years that to some extent can speak about its reliability. At this exchange actions of nearly ten online projects are quoted. At desire it is possible to place on it also shares of the project. For this purpose it is only necessary to contact administration and to discuss all details. Actions fluctuate from 1 today - go to 2 - x dollars apiece. Each of the companies presented at the exchange issued from 5000 to 20000 stocks. For actions daily dividends, equal from 0,0003 to 0,0005 dollars for one stock are charged. There is neither minimum on input of means, nor a minimum on a conclusion. The exchange works with WebMoney. It exists at the expense of the fee charged from each operation with stocks. The commission makes 2% of an amount of transaction.

It is possible to find in the Internet also other similar exchanges. On some of them that is quite curious, stocks of such companies as Yaho and MTS are quoted. Here only at such exchanges it is a lot of documentation on work that seriously complicates understanding of process of entry into business. Also such exchanges where actions of only one project are quoted meet, and owners of this project are owners of the exchange. Already one it raises big doubts concerning decency and reliability of such exchange. So everyone can create the website and to declare the project the exchange of actions of the own project.


Other way of increase in the electronic savings - to credit them someone. In the Network there are a lot of credit exchanges today. Here only not everyone from them causes sufficient trust to resort to the services provided by them. At some credit exchanges at registration it is not required to enter any data though in any way proving the borrower`s identity. Besides the payment for access to applications for the credit is raised. Without that payment it is impossible to look what loans, in what sizes and on what are required today. Clear business that the exchange has to for the account exist something. But similar approach from administrators raises big doubts in the relation of its reliability.

It is possible to distinguish two from the most reliable credit exchanges: WebMoney and Ua - money.

On the first the most careful control of the people taking the credit is made, the probability of a non-return is minimized so as far as it in general it is possible to make in the conditions of the Internet. Access to base of applications for receiving the credits, certainly, free. However to have an opportunity to work at the credit exchange WebMoney, the user certificate of an appropriate level is necessary, and it already costs money, and there is enough - considerable, it depends on an attestator. The price varies within 100 dollars. Therefore, it is necessary to have at least two - three hundred dollars that, having bought the certificate, it was possible to return in the near future this money by crediting.

On the second to get much more simply. There it is also necessary to be legalized completely, having specified the real passport data and to acquire the certificate. However the certificate has purely symbolical price - only 50 cents. The credit exchange Ua - money, perhaps, can be considered as the second for reliability after WebMoney.

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