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Investment into the Internet. Real or virtual?

Today on the question What are you engaged in? it is quite often possible to hear the answer: Investment on the Internet. I - the Internet - the investor . But what the Internet - the investor is meant the phrase? In this article I will also try to give on it the answer, briefly having described main types of investment into Networks.

Conditionally investment on the Internet can be divided into two categories: real investment and its, so to speak, network variation. What is meant the first and second concepts?

the Real investment

is an investment of capital in purchase of shares or bonds of the real, real-life companies, it is speculation on the real world stock exchanges. Today many broker companies at registration at them give to the users the chance to independently make transactions necessary to them on the Internet. It allows to react more quickly to fluctuations in stock markets, quickly, without wasting time, to make the required transactions. It is not necessary to call the broker and to ask him about sale or purchase of these or those stocks, it is possible, having gone online and having authorized, independently to make all this. It is some kind of technical evolution of working everyday life of the investor significantly abolishing all process. However to seize such opportunity, calling on the website of broker company and simple registration does not suffice. Registration has to happen in office of broker office and be followed by opening of the special account and entering on it the starting capital. This serious business, and the starting capital also has to be serious. With five or ten dollars lying on the account of one of electronic payment service providers you will not go to such company. For start thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars are necessary.

With more modest capital it is possible to be engaged in investment in mutual funds or by opening of the depository bank account. Here too it is possible to operate the means on the Internet, but registration is possible only at office of the company selling shares or in the branch of the bank. The account also has to be opened in real bank, electronic money is not taken into consideration here.

But how then my friend managed to begin investment with only 10 dollars? - you ask. - And how it does it, using electronic money?

And it is also a network variation of the real investment. Such investments can really be begun with 10 or even 1 - go dollar.

Network investments

What represents network investment, than it differs from the present?

In - the first , carries out it only on the Internet. To be engaged in such investments, it is not necessary to be registered neither in broker company, nor in mutual funds. It is not necessary as well to open the account in real bank. It is enough to get to itself several e-wallets, to put into their accounts at least on one dollar, to be registered on the website of the investment project which interested you and to begin to invest.

In - the second , network investment, unlike the present, is many times more subject to all actions from swindlers. If to secure itself against fraud at the real investment, rather seriously to approach the choice of broker office, to get acquainted with responses of other her clients, to learn about how the long period it is in the market of broker services etc. Then, in case of lack of any guarding data, it is possible to be registered, open the account and to be engaged in investment.

In a case with network investment it is not possible to check that resource through which you wish to increase the financial savings actually. Especially if it is about recently appeared website about which know on the Internet few. Under the guise of investment - projects the organizations of swindlers which simply take away your blood to themselves often disappear. And you will manage to prove nothing to nobody. With the listings demonstrating that you transferred electronic money from the purse to a purse imaginary investment - the fund promising you some there percent you will not go to court. It is necessary only to be consoled in the fact that the sum was small that it was talked only of several dollars, but not of thousands or even tens of thousands this.