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What to feed muscles with? Healthy nutrition of athletes

The Children pumping iron in the mornings till a breakfast it is simple - naprosto are deceived and try to deceive the organism

The period of a night dream is rather long period which is dropping out of the general concept of food. So all eight hours spent in Morpheus`s embraces you in essence starve, and glycogen levels in a liver and glucose in blood sharply fall. And it means that having started occupations with burdenings right after a dream, having ignored a breakfast, you will have an acute shortage of energy.

Abstention from food before training - a classical error of a large number of those children who get up early in the mornings, - he says. - Before going to a gym, you need to receive, at least, several hundreds of calories not to lose a glycogen - your protection against fatigue .

Easily acquired carbohydrates which are contained in fruit, yogurt toasts or sports energy drinks with the high content of carbohydrates perfectly will be suitable for this purpose; they in the best way will cope with an objective - to load an organism with energy.

The period between the last exercise at training and posttraining having a snack has to make 15-60 minutes; you can plan full meal in two hours after this having a snack. It is important that posttraining having a snack contained high-glycemic carbohydrates unlike pretraining having a snack during which the preference should be given to carbohydrates with a low or average glycemic index. It will stimulate process of restoration of muscular tissue.

I though all of them consist of sugar molecules, their structure is excellent as sugar happens different. It defines rate of increase of glucose in blood what, in turn, the metabolic rate and insulin reaction of an organism depends on.

Ability of carbohydrates to raise sugar level in blood is called a glycemic index. Sports food with a high glycemic index differ in ability quickly and sharply to raise sugar level in blood and to quickly convert it into energy that is especially important after the intensive and exhausting training when it is required to restore glycogen stocks in the shortest possible time. For this reason after training you have to be interested in receiving high-glycogene write. containing easily and quickly usvoyaemy carbohydrates.

Best of all for this purpose macaroni and bakery products, fruit, fruit juice will approach.

Banana - too the excellent choice, as well as a croissant or a bar of muesli with the low content of fats. It is convenient to store and carry it with itself. Wash down a bar with a half of a glass of skim milk.

Before training you should avoid high-glycemic products, a hook as in response to fast increase of level of sugar in blood the pancreas will begin to produce insulin therefore sugar level will fall in blood again, having nullified all your having a snack. And instead of feeling inflow of forces and energy, you will feel their full decline characteristic of a condition of a hypoglycemia.

Therefore your predtreniroaochny food has to contain carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. Such carbohydrates will be acquired slowly and long, so, sugar level in blood will be supported at a stable and optimum level during the whole training time, allowing to make you the training extremely intensive.

The choice of time also is key in this question. Power physical exercises are among anaerobic types of loading which energy for performance is scooped at the expense of glycogen stocks in muscular tissue. The school hours with burdenings settle this stock. The enzymes promoting transformation of carbohydrates into a glycogen are in " at this time; combat readiness they are ready to get immediately into gear and to synthesize a glycogen again to fill up granaries . In the same time your muscles are oversaturated by blood, and the metabolism is in the state ready to make production . During this period your organism is most sensitive to carbohydrates. Everything in your organism is brought to the necessary standard, everything is eager to be accepted for good reason. So feed up yourself carbohydrates rather, and you will accelerate synthesis of a glycogen, having given to process restoration powerful acceleration

Usually the complete recovery of stocks of a glycogen requires about 48 hours. But having a snack directly after training is capable to cut this time approximately by half and even more. So it would be silly to miss so favorable moment. It is not less important to receive within 60-90 minutes after this having a snack and more thorough reinforcement. It prolongs the process which is already begun earlier .

You should not forget also and about proteins at posttraining having a snack. They also promote replenishment of stocks of a glycogen and stimulate process of muscle growth. Moreover, your muscles need this construction material as they seek to restore the damaged fibers.