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How to cope with a hiccups?

the Hiccups are the convulsive reduction of a diaphragm causing a sudden strong breath with a characteristic sound. The piece is unpleasant, of course.

What causes it?

to reduce discomfort level from a hiccups, the people guessed to attribute its origin to those that it at the person the soul good luck talks or the fact that someone remembers it. And what is told by science?

If a hiccups long, painful and often repeating, the reason can be serious: the inflammatory phenomena in an abdominal cavity, an illness of a head and spinal cord, infectious diseases, functional and organic changes in the central nervous system (CNS) and even a myocardial infarction.

In this case the question has is indisputable medical character. To the doctor concerning a hiccups it is necessary to think of visit if it, for example, proceeds more than an hour; if attacks arise several times in day or several days a week; if along with a hiccups there is breast pain, heartburn, the complicated swallowing.

But in life it happens that the hiccups arises on more banal and prosaic bases: from - for haste in acceptance of food, an overeating, inconvenient pose at a table, alcohol acceptances, and also as a result of overcooling, nervousness, a fright. Such hiccups is called good-quality .

There is it because that is injured, being pressed, the wandering nerve which ties many internals with TsNS. There is it in that place where it passes closely with a gullet through a narrow opening in the diaphragm separating, as we know, a chest cavity from belly. By means of a hiccups the organism tries to relieve the wandering nerve of the overload which arose in it. Generally, it is possible to call it a form of a nervous tic.

What to undertake?

First of all, for disposal of a hiccups it is necessary to reduce pressure upon the wandering nerve in an esophageal opening of a diaphragm. There are several ways of different degree of complexity.

1. Water and food. Can drink several drinks of the cold or sweetened water (if to touch it is possible to cause the return expected effect); to swallow a small cube of ice or a piece of dry bread; to suck a lemon slice: to chew and eat a teaspoon of granulated sugar in a dry form (if does not help, to repeat two more - three times with a two-minute interval).

And there is still a grass which and is called - an ikotnik gray or is gray - green. Its inflorescences and branches in the form of infusion use at a nervous hiccups - for calm. For this purpose the tablespoon of raw materials is drawn hour or two in a glass of boiled water, accept 1 - 2 tablespoon 3 - 4 times a day.

2. Breath. One option - to make a deep breath and to hold the breath, - to pass the second to deep slow breath, the third - to cast away the head back, to hold the breath and to count to ten then quickly to exhale and drink a glass of water. It is possible to exhale air in a paper package and then to inhale from it. In blood the content of carbon dioxide will increase and the hiccups will stop.

3. Pose and movements. Sometimes have enough to become straight and stretch. Is pair way. It is in what hiccupping stuffs up hands for a back, links palms in the lock and tries to stretch it. At the same time he drinks water which is held before it by the workmate. In the absence of that it is possible to put a glass with water on a stool, in this case it will be necessary to bend for each drink.

Other reception - few times to pull itself for language. It is possible to close eyes and accurately to massage them, it is possible to press strongly fingers on a neck in that place where the clavicle is attached to a breast. At last, try to sit several minutes, having pressed knees to a breast.

4. Microstress. it can be caused a comic fright suffering from a hiccups, and it is possible its own attempt to sneeze during it. The last recommendation belongs to Hippocrates. And some doctors consider as the most certain way of a stop of a hiccups betting on money: at the beginning of a hiccups the note gets and with hiccupping agree that he will not be able to hiccup in the next minute. Threat to lose a bet as speak, works very strongly.

I wish you not to suffer from a hiccups, and if necessary to get rid of it in the fastest way.