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Rub SIM cards rolled into one - what is it?

of All some we also did not know ten years ago what is the mobile phone. And today it is difficult even to present our life without favourite mobile phone. Every day more and more people use mobile phones. Many use services of several mobile operators, therefore, are owners of several SIM cards.

In this regard there was a need to use two or three SIM cards at the same time. Of course, it is possible to rearrange constantly cards, but from it phone cover quickly wears out.

There is also other exit: to have several phones on each SIM card. But how to carry several phones in a pocket? Not really - that is convenient, isn`t that so?

But today the excellent solution is found: phones with two, and even with three SIM cards are created.

Phones with three SIM cards are made by the Chinese producers of mobile phones. They are the successful decision for business people, mnogofunktsionalna and reasonable price.

Today more and more people choose the Chinese phones. Quality of phones became much better and already almost do not concede to quality of production of the largest branded producers, and in some respects even surpass.

Today it is possible to take phones with three SIM cards of two forms:

- with two active this the cards working at the same time and one inactive and can combine different couples of operation this of cards,

- with three active this the cards working at the same time.

Here the Chinese producers pleased with such wonderful decision the world.

As the person dealing with the Chinese phones I can tell that phones acquired from large Chinese producers have very high quality. It is any more not those first Chinese mobile phones.

Seduces buyers and the fact that at phone there are a lot of any functions. For example, phones with the built-in TV are in very great demand. For a gain of the Russian and European market Chinese released phones with TV the PAL/SECAM system. I did not manage to test such phone yet, but I plan to make the order soon to test as shows TV of such phone. The representative of plant assures that quality of the image good and the Russian buyers do not complain. Well, it will be necessary to check.

If you are going to buy the Chinese phone with three of these cards, then first of all, pay attention whether all cards work with this at the same time. The last novelties are issued with three active SIM cards. Such option will save your time and will open more opportunities for communication.

If you buy directly from the producer, then pay attention on what ranges of frequencies phone is focused: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz. In Europe and Asia 1800 MHz, in the USA, Canada are used 900/, some countries of Latin America and Africa 1900 MHz are used 850/. Many phones combine all four types of ranges.

The important moment - existence of factory russification and Russian keyboard. Factory russification of large Chinese producers today good, but here Russian keyboard not always at them happens available. But also there are two exits: or you separately get Russian keyboard (if it is the copy of a brand) in the Russian shops, or choose models as the touch screen. In the latter case you will just type the text in Russian by means of the stylus - a special pencil for work with the touch screen.

I think, here pertinently will be to note that it is necessary to handle the touch screen very carefully, it is impossible to press strongly on the screen, especially a finger or different volume objects. Also it is necessary to preserve against scratches, for this purpose recommend to close the display of phone a special film which can be bought in any shop of cell phones and accessories, for example, in Euroset .

At the choice of phone with three SIM - cards special attention it is necessary to pay attention to phone memory size. The number of the contacts which are contained in three of these cards will be more, therefore, and memory size is required more. Choose phones supporting expansion of memory from 1GB more.

At acquisition of phone, especially at individuals, pay attention to phone complete set: 1 - 2 batteries, an USB cable, a flash - a memory card (it can be included in a set, it can separately be got), the charger, earphones and the user`s guide are included in the package. The Chinese phones manufactured by good plant are on sale in beautiful packing, in a full above-mentioned complete set and with good russification of the menu of the user.

If you apply all my councils at acquisition of the Chinese phone with two or three SIM cards, then successful purchase is provided to you. In general, the Chinese phones very colourful and quite well serve at care.